June 14, 2013

The Graduate... Starring Legos

It's really hard to believe how big my kids are getting.

No sooner do you blink and six years passes right before your eyes.  My youngest has gone from this little tiny baby, to this smart, funny, energetic big kid.  Yesterday was his Kindergarten graduation. While I am not normally a fan of these types of ceremonies, it really is a time to look back at what your kid has become and where he is going.  He started the year off worried that he wasn't going to be able to read, he knew his ABCs but didn't know the entire order that they went in.  He couldn't add one plus one, and now he is basically multiplying three digit numbers together.  His growth has been amazing. In every way.

Not sure I am quite ready for that yet.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


June 10, 2013

Darth Visits

We are all tough guys sitting in our easy chairs.

Sometimes I find myself yelling at the TV screen at people who I know can't hear me.  It's dumb really, but when you boo a player from your favorite baseball team, you never think about what it would be like if they were in your house... sitting right next to you.  When David Wright strikes out, you can call him a bum, but would you say that if you were in the same room?  Now I might be able to take David Wright, he's not that much bigger than me, but I think my attitude might change if I met him face to face.

What if that person on TV was Darth Vader? Side note... I had my picture taken with Darth Vader once!

Now I know that there is no way in heck I would say or do anything to piss him off if there was even the slightest chance that he would jump through my TV screen and force choke me to death.  He's Darth Vader.  He's probably the most evil character to grace the silver screen.  When he wants something, he gets it.

As you know by now I was chosen by Pringles and Lucasfilms to be an influencer in their The Force For Fun Campaign.  Each week I have shown you a video by one of the finalists in their competition and this weeks is titled "Darth Visits."  Film maker Steven Hauser shows us what happens when an on screen Darth Vader becomes very interested in a can of Pringles that a man is eating at home.  Vader uses his powers to try and wrestle the can away, but the man quips, "Not in my world."  Soon after the doorbell rings and you can pretty much guess who is there.

So now that we have visited the video, it's time to win a cool prize.  This week you can own a very cool Jawa plush doll.  It's not just any doll, it's eyes flash!  Be the envy of all of your Star Wars friends with this toy!

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Thank you all who stopped by and entered these contests over the past few weeks.  It's been a lot of fun!

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


June 3, 2013

The Roommate

We've all had that roommate.

You know the one that was always stealing our food or the one that didn't get you all of your phone messages?  We've all been there.  I had a roommate once, back in the days of dial up internet, that never unplugged his modem from the phone line.  He was also the one that had the answering machine connected, so when the modem was still plugged in, we could never get phone messages.  I was working freelance in television at the time, and while I had a beeper, I relied on the phone for work.  It took me a little to figure out why I wasn't getting any work.

Needless to say we had words one night and his television just so happened to go back into his room, leaving the rest of the house unable to watch Monday Night Raw.  Somehow I was to blame for this issue.

I know what you are thinking; beepers, dial up modems... it all seems so foreign now.

As you know I was chosen as an influencer by Pringles and Lucasfilms to help promote their Force For Fun campaign.  Each week I am showing you a video made by one of the finalists and this weeks video is titled "The Roommate." Filmmaker David Brashear shows us what happens when one possessive roommate finds out that someone is eating his Pringles.  Take a look:

So now that you have seen the video, it's time to win some prizes.  This weeks prize is an R2D2 folding chair.  You can be the envy of your town at any outdoor event with this sweet seat! Thanks for playing along!

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John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?