February 23, 2012

Hey Look at the Wombat!

I realize this is a Panda

I think we are over zoos. Sad I know, but it's just too much work anymore trying to get the kids attention. How many times can you fake excitement over some animal that you have never heard of, and get the same blank stare. Or even worse the, "can we go now?"

I don't get it.

These animals all cramped up in their pens are so exciting. I mean how many times are you really ever going to so an Oryx or a Yak, and live to tell about it? I'm beginning to think that none of these animals actually exist outside of a zoo.

It always seems to me that going to zoo is just a very expensive excuse to buy popcorn. It seems to be the only thing nowadays that get my kids attention. Scratch that, there is ONE animal that will get their attention, Swedish fish. Yeah, if the animal doesn't come in the form of sugar, it's probably not going to get my kids attention. I think my kids got a bigger kick out of the elephant in the bag of animal crackers that they did seeing the ACTUAL elephant.

If my kids want to see a polar bear they can just YouTube it. It's basically the same as seeing it in its fake arctic scene. I mean you are not fooling anyone with the fake logs and the shipwreck. Seeing them in their pens will never be as amazing as actually seeing them in their natural habitat. But I don't foresee myself ever going to the great white north and doing that.

Have you ever caught yourself showing way too much excitement over a wombat? It's not natural. I do the same thing with trains and planes, the kids don't care anymore about those things. They used to, but I can't tell if my overblown excitement is because I am grasping for those days or just doing it out of habit. I am sure there will be other things they get excited about in the future, but right now the wombat is not one of them.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Funny! I have experienced this with my two oldest. The Little Man has yet to zone out, but I am sure it's coming. We always found the little plaques of information, that describe the animals in the cage, helpful and very exciting. You know those things... Faded and washed out from the rain? 

    It might be more fun to let the animals out of their cages and then see if the visitors can make it through the park in one piece.  Ha!

  2. Oh no this is a sad post!  I LOVE going to the zoo and really want Cupcakes to love it too!  I am so excited to go in the spring :).  You're right though, once she discovers youtube... I'm sure many things will lose their pzazz (sp?).

    For Love of Cupcakes

  3. The zoos were great, and maybe they will be great for you for many years to come. Somethings are not for everyone

  4. I know that I haven't reached that level of excitement yet but even at a year and half the Kid still gives me that blank look.  I know that there will be a few years in there were he will be excited but then after that it's all down hill after that I'm sure.

  5. I like the brisbock. Very underrated animal. Also, like your boys, I like to eat animals. Marinated and grilled, though. Not sugar-coated.

  6. Our zoo recently installed a Merry-Go-Round and now that is the ONLY thing my boys want to do when we go there. It's ok with me: I like the cheesy 70s and 80s music it plays. But the animals definitely don't get a lot of attention.

  7. I really like small zoos...like the Santa Barbara Zoo...but I like animals in the wild THE BEST! We honeymooned on safari...it was amazing! Going back some day soon, I hope!

  8. I really like wombats, but then I am an Aussie, who watched A Country Practice. 

  9. This post really hit home for me.  So many times I've drug my kids places because "they love it" but really I just want them to love it.  I am getting better at figuring out what really gets my kids excited.  

    Your comment about the polar bears gave me a good smile.  I don't live in Polar Bear country but I've been to Churchill a few times and the feeling when you see one is of awe and extreme fear.

  10. I'm sure they are amazing in the wild. Just like when you see a whale IN THE OCEAN.

  11. Safari must be incredible!

  12. We were that way at SeaWorld. The rides got the most attention all day.