November 16, 2012

Animator's Palate

I do believe that I have found the most awesome restaurant on the planet.

It's not one that everyone is going to be able to go to, but it is one that needs to be shared nonetheless.  We were fortunate enough to recently sail on the new Disney Cruise ship The Fantasy and to say that their restaurant Animator's Palate is cool would be an understatement.  Like their sister ship, The Dream, The Fantasy takes dining to a whole new level.  Yes the food is outstanding, but it's what happens while you eat that is unbelievable part.

If you have ever seen the movie Finding Nemo you know the character Crush.  Well one night on our cruise Crush paid us a visit at our dinner table.  Much like the attraction at Epcot, Crush talks to you.

Now we had seen that before and it really is quite amazing how they pull it off.  I still don't fully understand how they do it but compared to our next night of dining there, that was nothing.

Our second night at Animator's Palate left us all scratching our heads a little.  Each of us was asked to animate a character on a sheet of paper and while were eating the magic happened.

How THIS is possible is something I will never comprehend.  Now obviously it's done through computer magic, but the fact that they can take a little picture that I drew at my table and make it dance on the big screen is simply AWESOME.  Each of us were now Disney animators.

Unfortunately for my wife and I now, dining out will never be the same.  We have kind of set a standard as far as the whole dining experience is concerned.  When we go to a restaurant and they give out crayons for the kids to use, I'm afraid that just won't cut it anymore.

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  1. We had Crush talk to us on the Dream. My daughters were both in awe. That's saying a lot for a tween!