April 19, 2013

The Brown Spots in My Yard

I can hear the landscapers from sun up to sun down in my neighborhood.  Now that spring has sprung everyone's yard is starting green up.  Everyone's that is but mine.

My yard has brown spots everywhere.

When we first moved into our house the yard was nice and green.  I took pride in knowing that I had the nicest crappy lawn in the neighborhood.  There were a few weeds here and there, but a little bit of fertilizer and weed killer through the years took care of that.  I've never had a landscaper mow my yard, as that is something that is soothing to me.  Perhaps it would look better if someone else did it, but at $25 a pop I would look at all the spots that they missed and just be annoyed.

So it's not as nice as the other immaculate lawns in my neighborhood, but I have learned to accept it. 

The brown spots in my yard aren't caused by a lack of care.  In fact there is a lot of care involved. That is where my boys like to play.  They run back and forth playing football, baseball, soccer, and whatever else comes into their minds.  We've hosted the Super Bowl, the World Series, and even the World Cup there.  It's not the ideal venue, but it works when you are a kid.

While it may not look as nice as some of the other yards around, I still take a lot of pride in my yard for other reasons.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. The yard is being used in its intended purpose. Right on.

  2. Perfect, as usual.

  3. Nice! No other reason to have a yard than that.

  4. <3 Love it. That's a far better yard that a pristine, green, never played on lawn.

  5. A yard is meant to be used, not admired. Good post John.

  6. Those brown spots are character.