July 8, 2013

Summer Bath Schedule

Bath time lost its luster long ago.

When the kids were little, the thought of them splashing around always brought a smile to my face and bath time would take hours. Somewhere along the way everything changed. Bath time turned into an annoying splash filled soak fest (most of the time I would end up wetter than the kids.) Showers became the rage and if getting them clean took longer than two minutes you were really pressing your luck.

Fall, spring, and winter are the worst. They have to be all clean to go to school and having to do that EVERY DAY is torture. Don't say you enjoy, because you don't. Admitting it is the easiest part. Then summer roles along and every excuse NOT to give your kids a bath is used.

1. They went in the pool.
2. They went to the water park.
3. They went on a slip and slide.
4. They had a water gun fight.
5. They went in the ocean.
6. They are going in a pool tomorrow.
7. They are going to the water park tomorrow.
8. They are going to the beach tomorrow.

Basically what is boils down to is that the kids either got wet or they are going to get wet tomorrow. If they did get dirty somehow, why would you waste your time giving them a bath if there is the possibility that they might get cleaned off or dirty the next day? We can worry about it when school starts.

Summer... Why can't you last all year long?

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. And it's like the best game of rock-paper-scissors: sprinklers washes off pool, pool washes off ocean, ocean washes off sprinklers.

  2. sneak shampoo into the water park. Clean the kids... speed up the slides. That is a 1 2 combo right there.

  3. THAT is BRILLIANT! Why have I never thought of that?