October 30, 2013

Standing By...

The kids are getting bigger, and it kind of sucks.

It's a sad reality as a parent when your kids start to outgrow some of their stuff.  I have a basement full of old toys that they used to play with that now just sits idle in hopes that they play with them once again.  The truth is they probably won't. There are other things that are occupying their time now, big kid things.  But the toys in the basement are there - standing by - just in case.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. I know how you feel. We have a play room full of SH*T and its just there. Maybe it gets pulled out at times. But its there in case they get the ol ANdy from Toy Story feeling and want to play

  2. It's hard figuring out when to get rid of things. I'll see them play with something that they haven't played with in a while and I think I will hold onto it instead of just letting it go.

  3. A few months ago I scooped up 3 totes full of stuff that they had not played with in months and fought myself to get it to the Goodwill. The playroom looks like no toys are even missing.

  4. Sad. Glad we aren't there yet. In fact, we just got the Stackers minifig a few days ago and Lukas gave it to me cause I like baseball so much.

  5. We moved a couple months ago, and left almost all of my three-year-old's toys at her grandparent's house, where we'd been living. It doesn't actually seem like her play is particularly disrupted by so many fewer toys when she's at home with us, but when we go to back to visit, it's kinda fun to see her discovering things that she'd forgotten about.