February 20, 2014

Disney… Still the One

They probably won't remember this trip, but we will

My kids are spoiled rotten.

They have been to Disney World more that most kids have ever been on vacation period.  We started them young; Tyler was around four months old and Carter was around three months at his first visit.  I'm not going to get into the whole nonsense about how our kids would never remember such a trip so why would we do such a thing.  Do we really think that an eight year old or a 10 year is going to look back some day when they are 50 and think so highly of the trip that they took to Disney 40 years prior?

Of course they aren't.

The trips when they were young were for their selfish parents who really enjoyed seeing the kids interact with the characters when they still gave a crap.  The excited looks from a three year old are way more amazing than they are from a nine year old who really hasn't watched anything Disney in the past couple of years.  He's probably excited, but he was more so five years ago.

But I digress, remember I wasn't going to go there.

I thought we hit a spell a couple of years ago where the boys could really care less about Disney.  Turns out it wasn't the case.  They had just outgrown certain things like TV shows and all of their toys, but as far as the parks were concerned, they still very much wanted to go.

Disney has been evolving for us.  The kids are getting bigger so they can go on more rides like Space Mountain and Splash Mountain and we don't need to go on rides like the highly overrated Goofy's Barnstormer anymore.  More and more of the rides in Hollywood Studios are accessible now and we don't have to go to any of the Disney Junior shows.  We used to have to sneak off and go on a lot of the rides by ourselves, but now we can ride most as a family. And that is pretty cool.

The excitement of the parks has changed over the years.  It's not so much about seeing the characters anymore as it is trading pins and finding Hidden Mickeys.  A lot of what we used to do, we no longer need to do because it just doesn't appeal to the boys anymore.  But there is so much more that does.

I don't know how long Disney will remain a part of our lives, but right now it's still the one.  

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