July 21, 2014

My Son is a Melon Head

"If you eat too much of that, you are going to turn into a melon."
We as parents are guilty of saying some pretty stupid things.  How many times have you threatened the cops on your kids, or tried to get them to behave at a restaurant by saying that the manager was watching, as if the manager of a restaurant actually has some sort of power, and the ability to make your child behave.  If he did, I am bringing that guy to my house to get my kids in line.  That's the best we can come up with?  The manager?  Personally I would be more scared of the guy in the kitchen that you don't see, like the dishwasher.  Anyway, you get my point, we ALL say some strange things to our kids and a lot of it is used as a last resort, when all else fails.

I caught myself using the line about the police coming last night.  Carter was in one of those crying fits and just would not shut up.  Instead of saying that the police were going to get him though, I said that they were going to take me away, I certainly could have used the break.  Of course it didn't work and I was stuck with a screaming four year old for another twenty minutes until he forgot about what he was crying about in the first place.  I think at this point my kids are terrified of the police, and would never harm a fly or steal anything in their lives, so I guess that some good has probably come from it.  Of course, that being said, police are now bad guys coming to haul people off to jail.
Lego jail can be a hard cruel place
I don't know why I said that Carter was going to turn into a melon.  I just wanted him to eat the rest of his food.  Its not like melon is a bad thing, but when you put a plate of food in front of somebody, you would rather them eat some of everything, not all of one thing.  Of course Carter wasn't going to turn into a melon, but what does he know, he very well could.  Maybe the idea would trigger something in his brain to start focusing on his other food.
He likes melons... so does daddy;)
In the end though, Carter kept on eating the melon and you know what happened, nothing.  He didn't turn into a melon.  Just like the cops have never come to our house and the manager of the Applebees could care less that my son is causing a scene.  When all is said and done, we are basically lying to our kids and if we keep doing that you know what is going to happen, our noses are going to grow just like Pinocchios.

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