November 10, 2011

The Repo Man... Starring Lego Scott

I wanted to introduce you to my friend Scott.  I have decided to take the week off and take the family on a trip to Legoland.  I know what you guys are thinking, didn't I just go to Legoland not too long ago.  Well, yes I did.  But, they opened another one in Florida!  How cool is that?  Anyway, since I am out of town Scott agreed to fill in for me, what a guy!  To give you a little background here I met Scott on Twitter, he thought I was some sort of genius, and since I was not one to argue we became fast friends, well as fast of friends as you can be online.  He loves legos just as much as any guy, so without further ado, I bring you Lego Scott.

The Movie

For more of Scott you can check out his blog, This Daddys Blog, or follow him on Twitter (@ThisDaddys_Blog).  When you talk to him tell him to stop stalking my house, all my car payments are paid in full.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Thanks man. See you are a genius. That is great. I love it and I laughed too. Space shuttle and horses, now who would finance those?

  2. Hey, I wonder if he's the guy that took my van away last year.......? If so, I need to thank him.