November 9, 2011

Wednesday's Window... Zurg

So we are traveling again.  And again we are headed to Disney World.  We love Disney, so much so in fact we try to get there twice a year.  I know that for some people going to Disney is a once in a childhood sort of trip.  It can be overwhelming to plan and budget, but the bottom line is that the trip is one that will fill up your memory banks forever.  We have been taking our boys to Disney ever since they were tiny.  Tyler made his first trip when he was four months old and Carter was only three months when he first went. They won't remember any part of the trip, BUT WE WILL.  It's funny, I try to get a picture of the kids with the castle behind them every time that we go just to record how big they have gotten over the years.  Of course that hasn't been easy, who wants to pose with a castle?  There is another spot that we have taken pictures over the years, and it's with Zurg, right at the exit of the Buzz Blaster ride.  I don't know why we started doing this, but it's fun to look back on over the years.  I hope you enjoy this weeks Wednesday's Window.

Tyler a little over two years old
Tyler a little over three years old
Carter is one, Tyler is four
Tyler is five and Carter is two
Six months later Carter is three and a half and Tyler is five

Of course we missed a few trips but I am sure we'll get another this time around.  Is there any place that you seem to get pictures of the kids all the time?

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. I love it. We love that ride and the kids love it so much too. Great shots of them growing up.

  2. Brilliant! Don't have any specific place that we take pictures of the twins (my daughter hates getting her photo taken unless she's the one taken it) but i'm very snap happy whenever i get the chance, really nice shots of the boys mate.

  3. I have a lot of friends who take family photos in their cotton fields each year at harvest.... its amazing to see the way the kids change over the year in relation to something fairly constant!

  4. We go to the same lake every summer: Waskesiu. We always get a picture by the big rock downtown. We named our kids after places/people from the area and also get pictures by the landmarks. My parents have several pictures of me by the Vegreville Easter Egg.

  5. I love Zurg. Peanut always makes me be him because he's my favorite. Makes me laugh.

  6. So... We meet again Buzz Lightyear, for the last time. Got another photo, unfortunately one was asleep.