December 26, 2011

The Sweetest 16

Amanda all of about two years old with a younger cooler version of me

It's another one of those kick you in the pants type days, when you find out just how old you are getting.  It's really hard to believe, but my niece turned 16 today, it seems like just yesterday I met her at her first birthday party. I think about how much has changed since that day - I went from not being married, to a husband and a father of two. Not to mention, of course, an uncle to a pretty cool niece.

Happy Birthday Amanda. We're all so proud of the young lady you've become. I know my boys really look up to their cool big cousin.

And now she is 16.  How is that possible?

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Kids grow way to fast. I never really understood the saying "In the blink of an eye" until kids.

  2. Those two pictures together make an amazing sort of time warp. Like past you and future Amanda met. Very nice.

  3. You always have been an amazing uncle....this only further proves it! Amanda is lucky to have you in her life. We all are. Thank you for always loving your niece and nephews so much.

  4. My niece is going to turn 12 next week and I still remember the moment my sister told me she was pregnant the day I graduated from college. Seems like a billion years ago. Maybe more.

    Happy B-day to Amanda!

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