December 1, 2011

Holiday Traditions... Starring Legos

We love the holidays around our house.  Every year we hang the same decorations and we absolutely love it.  We try to get the tree up as soon as possible to maximize the amount of time that it stands in our front window.  I never understand people that only have it up for a week or so. The boys seem to love it, I should say Tyler seems to love it.  Carter only cares about ripping the presents open on Christmas morning.  The tree just seems to be another thing for him to get mad at.

What holiday traditions do you have?

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. This is the first year that we got a real tree. The kids loved going to the tree farm and that is our new tradition. We usually only put a few things out and do most of the tree and let the kids do the bottom, well this past weekend we let them have at it and it was almost a tree killing party. If our real tree makes it I will be amazed. Have fun

  2. We also use a fake tree. It's really nice. We don't go real because like you, we leave ours up for a long time. There are plenty of real trees in our community that get dressed up for the kids to enjoy. I have about 5 in my back yard.

    Our family also celebrates Ukrainian Xmas which is a lot of fun.

  3. One year we will go and get a real tree, I used to do it as a kid all the time. I would be afraid that Carter would find a way to burn it down.

  4. Maybe use an angel at the top instead of a star, they do have wings after all!

  5. Carter always seems to have that impish gleam in his eyes, doesn't he? ;)

    One of our traditions is to eat a pound of Russel Stover's chocolates on Christmas Day. Um, I personally *love* that one. ;)

  6. Love love love your Lego stories! We watch every holiday movie and play every song until we are sick to death of them.

  7. Carters Lego face is perfect for him... he's got that little devilish smile. He's always thinking about some way or someone to terrorize

    Thank God its only a months worth of songs and shows I would get sick of them if they were any longer

  8. I have ornaments that tend to have specific memories... either handmade by family or from various trips, etc. Its an absolute mishmosh of ornaments, colors, etc just like my mom's is and like grandmom's was. I have lots of friends who have moved to fashionable trees but I like the look of mine just the way its always been!

  9. Enjoy it now, when they get bigger, it all changes.
    Aren't I a wealth of good tidings and cheer?
    Our tradition?
    We have pizza for dinner on Christmas.
    Love the Lego videos! Keep 'em comin!

  10. Wow thanks for the uplifting message! Lol. I'm sure we'll get new traditions as others fall by the wayside.