July 25, 2012

The Coffee Lovin' Mom

By now everyone knows that I love Legos.

My kids have tons of them, and I mean tons!  I grew up with them and I have passed along my love for them to my kids.  They now are obsessed.  My wife must really love us to put up with this.  I started making lego movies last year as kind of an experiment.  I was actually testing out the editing software on my computer more than anything and out popped a lego movie.  It was more of a day in the life than anything else.

Nobody watched them.

Of course nobody read my blog back then either.  I still can't be convinced that people do now, and that my numbers are completely inflated by hackers in the Ukraine.  Well even if nobody took the time to watch these videos, I would still make them.  I really have been able to document my families life through these little plastic play pieces.

It seems that I have become some sort of go to guy when it comes Legos, which is pretty cool, because there are websites WAY bigger than mine that cater to the Lego crazed society that we now live in.  I like when people come to me asking for advice on traveling to Legoland or if I know when a certain set is coming out.  I never intended to make EVERYTHING about legos, it just happened that way.

It's always nice when I come across other families that share our passion for legos. One person in particular is Amy of Coffee Lovin' Mom fame.  I guess I am revered as some sort of God in her sons eyes. Funny because my kids don't look at me that way.

Part two of my Summer Lego Blogger series takes you to Amy's Blog. Click RIGHT HERE to be transported over there.

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John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. You are certainly my go to for Legos fun! 

  2. Legos are great! Ironically, we live a few miles down the road from the Legos Corporation. 

  3. I would be rummaging through there dumpster for any extras

  4. The Coffee-lovin-mom is one of my favorites. Glad to see you featured her here.