October 9, 2012

Poop on a Stick

When Tyler was younger he had a fascination with music.

While the music has seemed to fade a little bit, other forms or artistic expression have moved to the forefront.  He really found a passion for drawing and has always been really good at it.  I wouldn't go and say he is Picasso quite yet, but for an eight year old he does seem to have a special ability.  So, while he may never be the athletic star that most fathers want their sons to be, I can totally see him opening art galleries or at the very least selling his artwork on the streets of Rome, and that is pretty cool.

But I have noticed that music has not completely left his sight.  I will catch him singing along in the car to whatever is on the radio.  Yeah his voice is a little pitchy but for a boy you can't really expect much until their voice completely changes (please don't let that happen.)  He will make up songs and run around the house singing them, mostly he just changes a few lyrics to a popular song and calls it his own.  He actually is quite clever.  Then their are other times where he comes up with a song that is completely original and he blows my mind.  I get these songs stuck in my head and the next thing you know I am at the checkout in the grocery store singing the lyrics to his latest "Poop on a Stick."

I suppose we need to work on the lyrics, but for the first try I think it's actually quite good.  Another thing, I didn't realize that Carter was such a drummer.

My kids, rockstars?!

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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