March 7, 2013

Dads Round Table

In case you haven't already noticed, I've gotten myself involved with a new website called Dads Round Table. On top of my own blog and writing for Parent Society and Huffington Post, this new initiative is one that keeps me pretty busy.  I'm excited about this.  The idea behind it was that a bunch of us dads could get together and share our stories and hopefully learn a little bit about this whole parenting business.  I have heard that there is strength in numbers.

Anyway, I am the Creative Director behind this whole process.  What that title means is that I hopefully can put together a bunch of really cool videos to tell a story that we couldn't otherwise tell with words.  It's what I did for a living before I became a stay at home dad, and it's what I hopefully will do when I head back into the work force one day.

To give you a little teaser of what I am trying to come up with I present you with the following:

So there will be much more to come.  I have a lot of video that I have shot of my kids over the years, it's a matter of editing it all down.  It seems that nobody likes to do that but me.

So follow along with me at Dads Round Table. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook if that is your thing.  Pull up a chair.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. I love how kids' first steps are always that baboon-arms-in-the-air waddle. I wish I filmed my kid's first steps. Whoops.

  2. I have so much respect for stay at home dads! Go boys!! You are not afraid to break the rules, break from the norm and be dads! I love this video and can't wait to see more! Cheers (raising my wine glass to you), keep it up!

  3. Great clip. Well done!

  4. I was a stay-at-home dad too, but not by choice. Enjoy your stay-at-homeness with the young-uns, it don't last long!