May 20, 2013

The Delectable Weapon

If you remember last week I told you about my nephew Dylan and his desire to only get Pringles for his birthday.  Well the family came through and he probably has more Pringles than most people in this world.  Most people that is besides me.  The day after Dylan's birthday I received a shipment in the mail from the fine folks at Pringles full of every brand of Pringles on the market.  That's 15 in all.  What a gift that would have been.

Dylan going ALL IN
Dylan hadn't see my Pringles collection until Sunday night.  I think he was amazed to say the least.  He along with my two boys decided to have a taste test to see what ones they liked and what ones they didn't.  Personally I like Sour Cream and Onion and am not a fan of the Dill Pickle.  To each his own I guess, that's why they make 15 varieties right?

So the kids decided to mix and match different Pringles together.  Some were actually quite delicious, like Ranch mixed with the Buffalo Wing variety (think happy hour... hmmm beer flavored.) Others not so much.  His first concoction was called El Diablo.  That had a mixture of JalapeƱo, Barbecue, and every one of the spicy varieties that they made.  Nobody had the courage to eat it.  Then he came up with what you could call "The Delectable Weapon" something he called, ALL IN.

All In was a combination of all the Pringles that were made.  It was a something that would probably make your taste buds explode and something that you wouldn't have your worst enemy eat.  Well, Dylan tried it and needless to say, the Pringles went in, and they promptly came out.  Pleasant I know.

As you know I have been chosen to take part as an influencer in The Force for Fun video contest held by Pringles and Lucas Films

This weeks video that we are taking a look at is called The Delectable Weapon.

Film makers Ryan O'Rourke and John Griese have created a video where one guy wants to go watch a Star Wars marathon with his buddies.  The only think standing in his way is his Darth Vader like boss. With the help of his delectable weapon (Pringles) he tries to convince his boss to let him go home early.

The film makers are both lifelong Star Wars fans (who isn't?) and both lovers of Pringles.  While working on the pitch for the video, O' Rourke went through three cans of Pringles all by himself.  That sounds like something that my nephew Dylan would do.

This weeks giveaway is a talking Ewok.  I know that the Ewoks aren't everyones favorite Star Wars character, but my kids loved them when they were little.  Let's face it, they aren't Jar Jar Binks.  Just follow the instructions below.

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John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Ewoks are darn cute. No clue what possessed Mr Lucas to put them in the 3rd film other than merchandising gold.

  2. Ewoks were my favorite as a kid!

  3. Ewoks were my favorite thing in Jedi when it first came out. Of course I was 7 or 8 at the time. I think my kids would enjoy fighting over a stuffed one now.

  4. My kids are practically talking Ewoks!

  5. I better win an Ewok for all my troubles. I need a live in nanny. You're giving away real Ewoks, right?