September 11, 2013

No Story is the Best Story

It seems that everyone has a story about where and what they were doing when the attacks of September 11th happened.

I don't have a story.

Had I been working my normal shift at a television news station in New York City, I would have been directly in the chaos. My schedule was changed to 3:00 pm a week earlier to accommodate the primary elections that were taking place that day.

Truth be told, I was asleep when the attacks began.

It seems to me that everyone was directly effected by this tragedy. If you didn't know someone who died, you certainly knew someone who knew someone. I'm not going to pretend that I knew anyone or that I helped out in any way that day. I was in front of the TV, much like the rest of the world.

Things could have been different, I could have been on a live remote in lower Manhattan like my colleagues were, or I could have taken the day off and was visiting the Towers, but I wasn't.

Our station lost someone who worked in the Towers; I didn't know who he was until that day. Only one friend of mine had people she knew intimately who perished when the Towers collapsed.

I could have been at work just like the thousands of people who died that day, but I wasn't. I never made it in.

For a journalist I don't have much of a story to tell about that day. BUT perhaps I'm lucky that I don't.

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