March 14, 2014


There are a lot of things that people want to ban nowadays.

Cigarette smoking, oversized sodas, socks with sandals, the list goes on and on.  Last week it was that a mom wanted all of us to take a stand and not let our kids use handheld devices.  This week everyone is taking a stand against the word "bossy."  Every week there is something that someone just has to take a stand against.

Of course then all kinds of celebrities have to rally for the issue, because it really legitimizes something when Bono or Tina Fey gets behind it.  I base how much I don't care about something on who shows support for it.  If someone like Beyonce rallies for an issue then I have a tendency to look the other way.  It's not that I don't like Beyonce (I actually don't, I am sure she is really nice though) it's just that I don't think her opinion matters.  Nobody listens to me, why should I listen to her?  I know celebrities have a platform, but when they try to sound smart they really sound so dumb.

I applaud the average person when they take a stand against something.  When that lady wrote her article about banning handheld devices I could certain see where she was coming from, BUT she was totally wrong.  Things like handheld devices NEED to be embraced.  We have the technology, why wouldn't we use it.  Adults use these things for everything that they do, why can't a kid use it?  I am not going to give my son a pencil and a piece of paper and have that be his only form of entertainment.  We don't live in the dark ages anymore.

When they discovered fire were people up in arms that nobody was eating raw food anymore?  When they invented the wheel were there cavemen celebrities that said how wheels were going to ruin how things got done?  When electricity was discovered was there rioting in the streets over how we weren't using candles anymore? No.  No there was not.  We embraced technology and grew with it.

And now we want to ban words like bossy.  I can understand banning words like retard or the "N" word.  Those words hurt.  But a word like bossy?  I can see the point, but I don't necessarily agree.  Maybe it's because I am not a girl and never have been, but I don't see how bossy can be a bad word.  Everyone can be bossy, men and women.  I don't necessarily look at a "bossy" man and think that he is assertive or strong, if he comes across as an ass hole, he's an ass hole.  Same can be said of a woman.  I don't look at a "bossy" woman and look at that as a negative thing.  If she is acting like a bitch then she is a bitch.

Let's ban people being bitches and ass holes before we start banning bossy. Better yet, lets ban banning things.  

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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