March 28, 2014

Bus Stop Pajamas

There is a growing problem in this country.  It doesn't involve poverty or lack of clean drinking water or even climate change.  The big problem with society now is that some parents feel it is OK to wear pajamas to the bus stop. It's not.  Wearing pajamas out of the house sets a bad example for the kids.  I have stopped countless teens at the mall that were wearing pajamas and asked why they feel it is OK to wear them out in public.  Their overwhelming response is that if it's OK for their dad to take them to the bus wearing pajamas then it is OK for them to wear them when they go shopping.

Pajamas at the bus can be blamed on many things.  It caused the downfall of the Mayan Empire, wiped out the dinosaurs, and was even the reason why World War I started.  Franz Ferdinand brought his son to the bus stop one morning wearing his pajamas and the next thing you know he gets assassinated and war spreads throughout the continent.

Pajamas at the bus stop are bad, and they just look ridiculous.

Where do you stand on this issue of great importance?

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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