March 7, 2012

21st Century Dad

I have "met" a lot of awesome people in the past year over the internet.  Moms, dads, grandparents; sometimes I am amazed at just how many cool people live in this world. Some are awesome writers, others amazing photographers and then there is this guy, who just so happens to be one of the most talented people that I have come across online.  James is a school teacher who lives somewhere in the remote wilderness of Canada, isn't Canada all a remote wilderness?  Not only is he a fabulous writer and a great dad, but then he goes and does something like this:

I am going to use this as my anthem from now on, don't we all have an anthem?  I think this song epitomizes a lot of us nowadays, slowly we are losing our stereotypes as the bumbling fool when it comes to parenting.  Songs like this and more importantly dads like James are helping people realize that dads are parents too. No longer are we sitting idle and letting mom do all the work, we are making parenting a shared job.  

For more from James you should check out his blog Edudad where he discusses everything from parenting to teaching and throws in a lot of humorous stories from his kids.  He is THE 21st Century Dad.

You can also follow James on Twitter @saskadad

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Literally blown away by this post.  Easily one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.  Thank you.

  2. The song rocked and so do you... Thank you for giving us all a song to hang our hats on!

  3. James rocks in so many ways. Nice post dedicated to him :)

  4. He is awesome. All of you guys are so great and I use bits and pieces from all of you to make me a better person and dad. Its you dads that do more that make me realize that I NEED to do more than just be there. Thanks to all of you and Great song and skills by the REAL KING JAMES

  5. We know that this guy is going to show up for ALL FOUR QUARTERS.

  6. Cool to have your own anthem! My son wrote one for me and did a Music it and use it...the problem is he charges A LOT for its rights! lol...

  7. Caroline @ DailyMomReport.comMarch 10, 2012 at 3:28 PM

    This is awesome! Great song James!!