March 16, 2012

Going Bald?... Starring Legos

I think every man has a strong attachment to his hair. Obviously as you get older your kids cause you to prematurely gray.  So what do you do, you start to color it.  Only sometimes by doing that you end up looking ridiculous.  It always amazes me how some people cover up the fact that they are getting older. Now I am only 38 and really don't have that many gray hairs yet so I haven't had to worry about dying it. But I will tell that sometimes when you have kids, they can make you lose your hair altogether.

I really hope he gives it back to me.  I'm too young to be bald.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. I still HATE not having a full head of hair...oh well...I'll take my baldness ANY DAY over poor health!

  2. LOL! I have to ask... did he steal it and you really think he'll give it back? 

  3. Your title tricked me.  I thought maybe you were joining me on team scalp but this is much funnier.

  4. Apparently he needed it for one of his guys... And now I have no idea where it is... Hundreds of different kinds of "hair" and we only had two of those kind. It was either me or him being bald. He would he very upset if I made him with no hair.

  5. My real head of hair is still all there. I have a ways to go before I become folically challenged.

  6. I might have to change it up every week.