April 27, 2012

Stop Motion Video... Starring Legos

It really is amazing what you can do on your phone these days.  When you think about it, the fact that you can call someone in China is really mind boggling, but now the phone is so much more than that.  It's a camera, a music player, and I am sure that it will make you coffee in the morning if you ask (there is probably an app for that.) I don't have to tell you what your phone can do, you are probably reading this blog from it as we speak.  I discovered something SO ridiculously awesome the other day.  Take a look.

We'll work out the kinks and see what we can come up with in the future.  The Lego Super Hero Movie Maker might just be the coolest app I have on my phone now.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. OMG, my son  is going to love this.  You have already inspired him to create his own Ninjango episode with the flip video camera.  Perhaps I shouldn't tell him about this, I may never get my phone back.

  2. My kids love it. I don't mind them using the phone because they an get extremely creative with it. We've had a lot of fun with it so far.

  3. That app should have been invented by you

  4. That was hilarious.  Blurry scenes and all!  Good work. 

  5. Shan@FamilyBringsJoyApril 30, 2012 at 8:12 PM

    That's a cool app! Always enjoy your Lego videos!

  6. That's really cool. I'll have to check it out. My son will take a camp this summer in stop motion video with Legos. Who knew there was an app for that? Guess I should have known!