April 5, 2012

The Egg Hunt... Starring Legos

Easter is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing, it's time for our annual Easter egg hunt.  The boys love going out in the back yard to find all of the treats that the Easter Bunny has left behind.  So much so in fact, that when we were given the opportunity to travel for Spring Break before Easter this year, Tyler insisted that we stay home.  He got a sad little face and wondered how the Easter Bunny would find him if we were cooped up in some hotel in Washington DC.  Who are we to shatter the dreams of a seven year old?  I can totally understand his reasoning, especially after last year.

I think we still have left over candy.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Great video! lol... we do the same thing, & have the same problem, every year! It's hard to know when you've made "too many" eggs!!!  It's kinda like water balloons though --- can there ever be too many???  nah...

    PS. we still have Halloween candy lurking in one of our bowls... thanks for the reminder I need to fish that crap out & toss it! :)

    /// @theworld4realz



  2. Halloween candy turns into Christmas candy, which then becomes Valentines Day Candy that then becomes Easter Candy. We should probably flush out the old stuff

  3. Love it. We always try to scale it down, but never works.

  4. We do the same thing.  Last year my nieces came up for Easter and my wife and sister-in-law bought $100 of candy for 4 kids.  We hide ours inside because... I live in a land of eternal winter. 

  5. That would be a cold Easter egg hunt. Thank God for heated igloos.

  6. We usually forget and I have to distract the kids while I run out and set it all up.