April 17, 2012

It's a Snap

This one would be easy for sure.

I have done a lot of comparisons of the boys, just to see what kind of simple skills they have mastered.  Every single one of them Carter has shown some amazing ability. Whether it was wiggling his nose, his eyebrows, or crossing his eyes he has always seemed to get the better of his older brother Tyler.  The only thing that Tyler could do that Carter couldn't was hula hoop.

Well this next comparison was one that I thought would come easy for Tyler.  Being more than two years older than his younger brother I thought that would give him the advantage.  But I was sadly mistaken.

Hopefully this is something he will figure out later in life, otherwise he is going to have a hard time summoning a waiter, or calling a dog, or worse yet, when he gets to that part in "If your happy and you know it" when he has to snap his fingers; that would be very sad.

Carter on the other hand will have no such issues.  He picked up this skill right away.

So once again Carter shows off his amazing skills.  I swear this boy is destined to do great things in life.  If there is a job that involves wiggling your nose and eyebrows, crossing your eyes, bowling, and snapping your fingers, this boy will be the CEO.  As for Tyler, I just hope these lack of simple life skills don't hold him back at all.  He's pretty amazing too, in his own way.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Isn't Tyler the artist? That's all left/right brain stuff, right? At least he doesn't suck his thumb. Those kids are WEIRD.

    By the way, Tyler's the one who called me a bad writer, is he not? Serves him right.

  2. He stands by his opinion... But his opinion was that you were an underwear butt.

  3. Paula @lkg4sweetspotApril 17, 2012 at 11:17 PM

     He will probably get it, and if not, maybe he will be rich and can pay someone to snap for him.

  4. How will he summon that finger snapper?

  5. Having two boys myself, I also have seen how their skill-sets are soooo different. Thankfully, they're not interested in the same things so no jealousy has risen due to this. Oddly enough, neither can snap their fingers!