June 13, 2012

Wednesday's Window... The Graduate

Bringing back one of my favorite segments of this blog, we take you to my little guy Carter's preschool graduation.  I am normally not a fan of these types of things where we celebrate every little achievement that our kids accomplish.  When I was a kid we had ONE graduation, that I know of anyway. My school housed all students from Kindergarten to 12th grade, so there were no ceremonies celebrating each passing milestone.  There were no milestones, except for when you graduated High School. Nowadays there are preschool graduations, Kindergarten graduations, Elementary School graduations, Middle School graduations, and of course High School graduations. It's a little much.

Having said all that, I think I have changed my mind, at least with preschool graduations anyways.  In the two short years that he has been at his preschool, he's gone from being a little boy to really a big kid.  The growth has been amazing.  He couldn't count at all and now he is doing simple math problems using his fingers.  What used to be a scribble, is now a fully legible written name.  Sure there are a lot of things that he needs to work on, but seeing where he is now is definitely something to celebrate. Besides all that, who would want to miss out on their kid performing on a big stage.  I hope you enjoy this weeks Wednesday's Window

If you couldn't guess, Carter is all the way on the left.

My little guy, the graduate! If any of the other graduations are like this one, I might change my mind about them too.

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  1. been through a couple of these. I still hate them. The Kindergarteners at my kids school actually have caps and gowns. 

  2. I don't think we will have a kindergarten graduation.  The Kindergarten is part of the public school and I just don't see the need for it.

  3. I think that the Pre-school graduations are the best ones. The kids are young enough to appreciate them and the ceremony really makes them feel good about themselves. As they get older, graduations seem to become just an excuse to party.  lol  

    However, I never needed an excuse! Ha.  Congrats, Carter!

  4. Graduation or not, I'm looking forward to my little one's achievements throughout the years!

  5. I've been through more than enough graduations with the kids and I'm not necessarily one to think they need a trophy or prize for minor accomplishments, I think school is a big accomplishment. Pre-school may not seem like a big deal to anyone else but when you can see how much your kid grows (like you did), its a major deal.  Happy Graduation to Carter.  Now when are you getting him a car?

  6. I'm happy you brought this back.  While I do love your commentary and rants and Lego videos, I also like Wednesday's Window because it helps connect the blog to the dad behind it.

    Coincidentally, Imogen's pre-school grad was yesterday.  Very cute and she was so proud of herself.

  7. I'm not a fan of the "Trophy just for showing up" mode of thought. However, I do appreciate the accomplishments you personally list as your child's achievements. That means more to me than the ceremony. But... having said that... to each his own, & I'd never bag on a parent for enjoying this type of thing! :)