June 26, 2012

Camp vs. Home

I knew that this was going to happen.

The first day of camp was too much of a success.  It was the same thing last year. There were no tears and no screaming. The first day brought a little bit of excitement, it was the 20 other days that were a nightmare.  Today was no different.  I don't know what happens on the first day to make every subsequent day thereafter unbearable, but it appears that is going to be the case again this summer.

My oldest one gets it.  I don't know that he loves camp, but he goes without an issue.  He seems to enjoy it, but if you ask him a few weeks from now, he might hate the lack of video games and the heat that will surely settle upon our area. My youngest is a whole other story.  He finds any excuse to NOT want to go. Today's was that the pool was too cold.  Some days it's that there are leaves in the pool, others that there are too many hills.  You get the idea, he's trying to convince me that there are a lot of things wrong with this place, as if I am not going to send him one day.

That won't happen.

Lets give you a rundown of what their day is like and what it would be like at home:

9:00 CAMP - Dropoff! Tyler gets out of the car willingly, Carter is kicking and screaming.
9:00 HOME - The boys are arguing about Legos, Carter has woken up on the wrong side of his bed, and he proceeds to yell and scream that Tyler has a "cooler" guy and that I am stupid.

10:00 CAMP - Tyler is doing Archery, Carter is taking a swim lessons.  Carter LOVES the pool.  It's hard to get him out of it sometimes, plus he loves wearing goggles, he thinks it makes him look cool.
10:00 HOME - After an hour of calming Carter down, we have found the one lego mini figure head that he has been looking for. However his legs don't match his body and that sets him off again.  Breakfast is thrown on the floor and I spend the next 15 minutes cleaning up the food that neither kid has eaten.

11:00 CAMP - Tyler is now in the pool where he is in the advanced group working on his back stroke.  Carter is creating some project with macaroni that we will most certainly hang on the pantry door in our kitchen.
11:00 HOME - I have finally gotten the boys dressed after searching the house for a lego knife that we only have one of.  However Carter now wants a blaster than his brother is playing with, and he proceeds to rip a picture made with macaroni from last years camp off the pantry door.

12:00 CAMP - Lunchtime for both boys.  They sit quietly eating their meals that I have prepared for them and they finish every last bite in less than 30 minutes.
12:00 HOME - Lunchtime for both boys.  I give them the same food that they would have eaten at camp, but neither touches any of it and we argue about how long lunch is taking, upwards of an hour.

1:00 CAMP - Tyler is enjoying a canoe ride in the pond and Carter is catching fish.
1:00 HOME - After cleaning up from lunch Tyler disappears to play a video game while Carter begins to yell that Tyler is not playing with him.

2:00 CAMP - Tyler is back in the pool enjoying some free swim with a couple of friends he made last year.  Carter is immersed in a kickball game where he kicks a home run.
2:00 HOME - Both boys want ice cream.  I proceed to tell them that since they didn't eat their lunch there will be no ice cream.  Carter begins to melt down and an argument ensues, much screaming and yelling can be heard from our house.

He loves to swim!
3:00 CAMP - Carter is now back in the pool after overcoming his fear of the leaves that have fallen from the trees.  He looks like a fish and is seemingly having the time of his life with his new camp friends. Tyler is climbing the rock wall where for the first time he reaches the top.
3:00 HOME - The boys want to watch a movie. Carter gets upset that the options for what to watch on Netflix are limited to say the least. Popcorn is thrown all over the basement floor and we finally settle on Power Rangers.

4:00 CAMP - Pickup!  Both boys tell me what an awesome day they had at camp and how much fun every activity was.  Tyler tells me about his new best friend Bob for the next half hour and Carter shows me his macaroni project. A quick stop to get ices is in order on our way home.
4:00 HOME - I decide to get out of the house and take the kids to the spray ground. Carter gets upset that he is getting wet and after 15 minutes we decide to leave.  A quick stop to the liquor store is in order on our way home.

5:00 HOME - We are now home and we are either hanging Carters macaroni project on the pantry door or are popping open the first of what will be many beers this evening.

I don't know why there is such an issue with going to camp, but for the sake of me becoming an alcoholic, they NEED to go.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. I think my kids have had the sh#ts of camp. My wife and I were talking about how this might be their last year. I shudder at what next summer will bring.

  2. My kids are going to a great camp... rolling hills, ponds, pools, zip lines, rock walls.  It's the place I could only dream about.  I know of some camps in our area that suck. It's just a continuation of school with the name changed to camp.

  3. Hey, do you think I could go in Tyler's place? Because camp? Sounds way more awesome than the mountain of dirty towels that have suddenly appeared in front of my washer.

  4. That will be my next post, about the work they can do around the house.

  5. Stick with it. If they come back almost every day raving about how great it was, they toss em out of the car as quickly as you can and drive out of there. You can apologize to the camp folk about the fits, but if it's a genuine problem, they'll let you know.

  6. I need a beer after reading this. 

    My kids aren't camp age yet but when they are... they're going!

    Carter sounds a lot like Imogen.

  7. He's tough. When he is upset bout something, he lets you know.

  8. I know that it is never a problem. It's the process of actually going that is the issue.

  9. Two words: Good Lord........man you have got your handful with these guys!!!

  10. This camp sounds so dreamy. Your children are both do lucky and will one day thank you for their adventures. Until then, just like I'm facing with my DD, your youngest needs alittle more time to adjust. Your home life sounds a lot like mine. I love your blog by the way! Glad nystoopmama introduced me to you. It's hilarious!

  11. I'm with Carter on this one. I experienced the "cold pool" they stuck the younger kids in at camp when I was a wee lad and I still have mental scars. Not to mention the metal chair they used to sit kids in when they were bad. Did I mention the metal chair was left in direct sunlight on purpose so that it would be hot?

    I hate camp.

  12. Thank you so much... The camp is awesome. Kind of reminds me of the camp I went to. In time they will learn to love it.

  13. I wished we had camps over here, but the only type of camp we have is some sort of bible camp type thing for kids and with us not being the slightest bit religious i don't see the point in sending the kids.

    I think the normal thing with kids though is the thought of going some place is more horrible than the reality and when they are finally there and doing stuff they have a awesome time, at least that's what i got from your run down, compared to when they are at home and spend half the time fighting and arguing and not eating :P

    I definitely agree that for your own sanity they need to go :P

  14. MY kids have always gone to camp since I work full time out of the house.  I send them to different camps for a multitude of reasons, but never the less the other thinks that the one they are NOT attending is better.

    This year I had the money to send Oldest to sports camp.  Same camp as regular camp, but they go to the Patriots hall of fame, the Basketball hall of fame, Fenway park for a private tour, bowling, private group time on the new water trampoline in the pond, and Canobe Lake Park (It's like a small six flags).  Awesome right?  Nope.  Tomorrow he's begged me to call in sick so he can stay home...

    WTH?  When I was a kid, I would have given my right leg for a Popsicle and a trip to the sprayer produce section of the grocery store on a hot day. GAH!  Kids these days...

  15. I am going to that camp!

  16. Yes, for thinking getting them to camp would be easy

  17. We can't afford camp for our Little. If you'd like to trade, I'll keep Carter for a week, & you can keep Abbie, who would eat it up. :)