September 28, 2012

My Birthday... Starring Legos

What do you know, little Johnny is growing up.

It's true, today happens to be my 39th Birthday. Thank you.  I was just talking with my older brother in law the other day, and neither of us feel as old as we are. Now granted he is MUCH MUCH older than me (sorry Don), but I have to say that aside from a few things that pop up here and there, I really don't feel that much different than when I was 25.  Sure there are a few pounds added on and my head seems to be growing at a faster rate than the rest of my body, but all in all life at 39 is not that bad.  I'm thankful that I have the group of friends that I do, both in real life and online (my wife considers anyone that I have met online to be this fictitious group that doesn't really exist.)  Most of all I'm thankful for my family, they are most likely the ones that are keeping me young, and sending me to an early grave at the same time.

Happy 39th birthday to me.  

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, John!!! I hope your day is filled with fun surprises!

  2. Happy birthday! Age ain't nothing but a really big number.


  3. Really Big? 39 ain't so big

  4. Pie in the face; LEGO style... positively INSPIRED! Is that shaving cream? Just brilliant.
    I feel morally obliged to wish you a Happy Birthday but I don't really care... about birthdays, not just yours, I mean, yours is great, but... oh bother.
    Happy Birthday, John Willey. Yeah you!

  5. It was actually cream cheese. It had a better consistency.

  6. Happy Birthday! I could go for pie...

  7. It was actually cheese cake

  8. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday John. And 39 is still young - enjoy :)

  9. Happy belated Birthday! The next one is a bit tougher.