June 9, 2014

Power of Dad

I have never considered myself a good dad.

I am not one to put myself on a pedestal just because I have taken an active role in helping to raise my kids.  It's what any normal person would do.  It just so happens that I have a blog, so it's a little more noticeable than the millions of other dads that are doing the same thing.  Whether it's waking up and commuting to a job before the kids are even awake, being a stay at home dad, or even being deployed overseas, dads everywhere are doing whatever they have to to make their family run.

My dad was no different.

My dad woke up everyday at 2:00 in the morning to start the first of his three jobs.  He would deliver newspapers for four hours, then drive the school bus, and then deliver mail the rest of the day.  He was probably the hardest working man that I knew.  Of course this left him exhausted and time spent playing with him was limited, but he was present in my life. If I had a baseball or football game he was there.  At every single one of them.  Sometimes he even drove the bus to away game.  At the time this annoyed me, but looking back now, I totally get it.

I don't know what my boys are learning from me aside from their love of things like baseball and football, but I hope they see me as present in their lives.  I may spend some time on my phone (maybe too much at times) but I want them to know that I am there.  Whether it's lounging around or playing in the yard, their dad is playing an active role in their lives and is something that they should be doing when they become parents someday (though not TOO soon, I'm not grandpa material yet.)

When I was asked to share Oral-B's message about the #PowerofDad I jumped at the chance.  There are few companies that seem to get what being a father is all about, and they are one of them.  No longer are dads that bumbling idiots that only take out the garbage; they are the guys that are making dinner, reading to their kids at bedtime, and of course making sure that their teeth are clean.  I've had a lot of titles in my life, but the best one by far has been that of dad.   When it comes to being a dad, it’s the little moments that power the biggest smiles. So this Father’s Day, Oral-B is celebrating fatherhood’s little moments and the dads that bring smiles to their families every day.

In its second year of this Father’s Day program, P&G Oral Care has partnered with March of Dimes, a leading organization for healthy, happy families that celebrates mothers and fathers every day.

P&G Oral Care is also joining forces with members of “Football’s First Family,” New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning, his father Archie and his daughter Ava – to celebrate fatherhood’s little moments.

What better way to celebrate those little moments that bring a smile to dads face by giving him a new Oral-B Black toothbrush?  You can find a coupon for the new Oral B Black brush RIGHT HERE.  What tech obsessed dad wouldn't love something like this? Trust me, once you go Black you... well, I won't go there.

**I was asked to be a brand ambassador by Oral-B.  I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are my own unless told otherwise by my wife.**

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