July 15, 2011

How Much for that Doggie?

Let me first preface this by saying that these dogs are not for sale.  They are all headed to owners across the country who share a passion for Irish Setters, much like my cousins Greg and Robin.  For as long as I have know them, they have had one of these dogs, maybe it's the same dog, just incredibly old, I don't know, but the fact is these dogs are their kids.  They get their own room in the house and they eat better than most people, if of course people liked eating raw chicken backs.  I for one would pass, but you get the point these dogs are well kept.

We were fortunate enough to be invited over to their house last week to check out these really cute new puppies.  I think we were invited because it was partially my dads 75th birthday and they knew I had kids.  Kids usually love puppies, I say usually, because Carter has a love hate relationship with them.  He loves to look at them from afar and is intrigued by them, but up close can be another story.  If a dog even attempts to sniff anywhere near my sons butt, or makes the slightest attempt to lick his face off, you just never know what might happen.

Tyler on the other hand loves getting all the attention.  His cousins have a dog named Cookie, and while she is the craziest dog alive, Tyler can't get enough of her.  He was so cute with these new puppies and even helped out playing catch with the older ones despite the fact that they were about the same size as him, and drool was dripping out of their mouths like an open faucet.  Seeing him on the ground playing with these cute little guys really makes me want to get him a puppy.  Of course he has always been the more gentle and caring of our two boys.

There is one problem though, the aforementioned Carter.  I just don't know if he would be into a puppy or try to shove it into a burning fire.  He can be so night and day sometimes, and I know he would more than likely open up to the idea of getting a dog, but you never know.  He was scared of a cat recently at a friend of ours house, which is awesome because I think cats are worthless.  I just don't know about a dog though, it's a pretty big commitment that I am not sure my boys would be fully into yet.  I think every child should have the joy of owning one, I had dogs growing up as a kid, so I really don't know any other way.  I know that there would be days that Carter would love the puppy, but there would be days that he would try to eat it, so I am tempted to hold off for now.  Maybe we'll get a fish, at least I know he won't eat that.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Both my grandfather and my aunt had Irish Setters. Beautiful dogs. One was the perfect pet, and the other was a princess PITA. That puppy face is too cute though.

  2. They have 4 of them and then the four they are selling... thats a lot of dogs to care for