January 3, 2012

Me I Want a Hula Hoop

I've done a few comparisons of the kids in the last month or so, and most of the time it's Carter who has some amazing ability that Tyler has not been able to master.  Whether it's raising his eyebrows or crossing his eyes, Carter has shown incredible talents that his brother just has not developed, at least not yet anyway.

My wife was fortunate to have gotten a hula hoop from Santa for Christmas.  If you need to know one thing about my wife, it's that she loves the hula hoop.  Santa obviously knew that.  She once competed in an international competition at Disney World where she won a board game.  She was 34 at the time, and the eight and nine year olds that she competed against never had a chance.

She is that good.

Well it turns out that Tyler possesses my wife's hula hooping skills, which isn't surprising as he seems to be able to do, or not do, a lot of what my wife can or cannot do.  While he looks like me, he definitely has the skills of his mother.

This ability will certainly help him later in life with the ladies, trust me. If I could hula hoop like this, I would not have spent so many Friday nights parked in front of my TV waiting for the phone to ring. Carter on the other hand, seems to be destined for a life like his father, a poor, miserable, lonely one where the hula hoop gets the better of him.

Let's just say he's a work in progress. I pray that this is something that doesn't hold him back in life.

I would hope in the future BOTH of my boys will possess this amazing ability and start to fight over the hula hoop.  Isn't that every fathers dream?

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. We hula hoop on the wii and can stop laughing.

  2. Both you and Carter will have more success with a hoop that has a little weight to it. Also, try stepping one foot in front of the other, send the hoop off strong and steady and shift your weight forward and back quickly. No need to circle the waist or hips, just push from your middle forward and back. Try a hoop from bodyhoops.

  3. Well if you saw me hula hoop you would laugh, but mysteriously that video has vanished.

  4. LOL! I know you have talked about how different your boys are before. Isn't it crazy how those genetics work! I looove the hula hoop! What a cute post.

  5. Hahaha classic post! I hope they compete against each other in the hula hoop olympic event and you're there with bells on! Congrats to your wife on her winnings!! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  6. Great post! Your son Tyler definitely looks like a hula pro! And just tell Carter to keep trying. One day he'll be just as good! Then they can compete against people with the Wii & win like your wife did at Disney! Cute!

  7. I feel your pain. I, too, am hoola-hoop challenged. That's why I took up guitar, to cover up for my hoola shortcomings.

  8. The only instrument I can play is the harmonica and the only song I can play is taps. It seems pretty appropriate, especially considering my hula hooping skills