February 1, 2013

Top 10 Disney Babes

Over the years Disney movies have produced some of the best looking animated characters on the silver screen.  With over 50 animated features and counting, that leaves a lot of great looking women to be seen.  It's not easy to come up with a Top 10 as there are a bunch of the princess movies that I have yet to see.  As you know, I have boys and as they get older the idea of sitting down and watching something like Snow White just isn't going to happen.  Now I have included Pixar movies and did not include Jessica Rabbit out of fairness to the rest of these fine ladies. I mean seriously she has a great "personality."

10. Bo Peep

There is kind of a sweetness to her, or at least there should be, but if you ever saw Toy Story there is kind of a subtle sexiness to her.  She also has that big hook to keep you in line.  I mean she really gets Woody aroused... get your head out of the gutter, Sheriff Woody!

9. Mirage

It's too bad that jerk Syndrome was in her life; he really brought her down. That doesn't stop the fact she is hot, in a Pixar kind of way.

8. Rapunzel

I fear she might be a little young, but hey she has that hair.  I know that men are suckers for hair, and that is a 'do that you could really get lost in.  Being in that castle for so long, you just know that she is looking to explore.

7. Ariele

Again she is quite young I know, but aren't all these characters young?  Look at the audience of these movies.  I guess it's probably the clam shells, or the flowing red hair, or the fact she wants to be with us... up where we walk, up where we run.  I do like her better with feet though.

6. Pocahontas

I have never actually seen the movie.  I could never get my boys to sit down and watch it.  They are boys after all.  Ever since my son started to study the Iroquois and the Hopi, it got me thinking about her again.  I am a sucker for a lady that knows how to paddle a canoe, and the name alone!

5. Jasmine

Oh Princess Jasmine there is something about your enhanced eyes that makes me weak in the knees.  I know if I was Aladdin I would be rubbing the lamp all night to make the Genie appear.

4. Jane

At first I didn't like her, she seemed way to snobby all dressed up. But as the movie wore on she got a little more wild. If only they would have showed her more in her loin cloth.  It's enough to make any man go ape!

3. Esmeralda

I think it's the dark green eyes and the flowing black hair that make her stand out. Now only if she would perform some sort of witchcraft she might be higher on the list.  She has got to stop hanging out with that Hunchback though.  Although it's kind of like being the hot chick hanging with her fat friends, maybe that is what makes her look better?

2. Belle

She is all class. There is something to be said about a girl that would choose someone like the Beast to be with. She studies, likes the arts, and has a genuine distaste for Gaston.  She really seems like the perfect woman. If someone like Belle would choose this monster, it gives hope to all men out there.

1. Sally

Let's face it, she's a Porsche with tattoos, who happens to be a lawyer. She's from Los Angeles.  She also owns a motel that I am sure you can get by the hour. You just have to get under her hood first.

So who would you choose? 

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. I have issues with some of your picks. Ariel is like, 14, and that's just creepy. And she, along with several other of the Disney females, place their values of self-worth in the hands of others, as if they are dependent on men to be happy.

    In no particular order, and by no means comprehensive:


    Alright, it's a short list. And I am just going off the top of my head. I'm sure I can come up with a proper list if I actually thought about it more.

  2. I'm waiting for the obligatory 'tailpipe' joke from a Sally fan out there...

  3. Sally at #1? I hear she is pretty fast, but how can she beat out Pocahontas, who could also kill and skin your dinner for you? Perspective man, perspective.

  4. Pretty sure I don't want her to kill or skin me. That knocks her down a few notches.

  5. Is that a banana in your tail pipe or are you just happy to see me?

  6. I said they were young. It's about potential.

  7. I'm thinking Elastagirl from the Incredibles. Lots of bending, twisting...
    And I'm a sucker for the classics so I'm thinking Cinderella.