February 8, 2013

Picking up the Essentials

This is a weekend that my kids have been waiting for for almost two years.  We haven't had any significant snowfall since Halloween of 2011.  Tyler has been begging me to make it snow, but of course me not being Mother Nature, it's kind of impossible.  You know the drill, whenever the whether turns, people have to make a mad dash for the stores to pick up a few things.  It always amazes me that people around here don't have snow shovels, or maybe it's just that last years model won't shovel this years snow.  Whatever the case, the lines at Lowes and Home Depot are always filled with people and their shovels.  The grocery stores are the same.  We always run out to grab food like we are going to holed up in our house for about a month.  I see people walking the aisles buying things like crazy and it always seems to be the same things every time. Which leaves me with one question:

It baffles me.  I mean I like to eat it, but is it the official food of every storm?  Enjoy the snow everyone!  And of course enjoy your french toast.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. I never thought of that!!!! Your stores look so much better than ours though... our shelves are empty and one grocery store North of Boston closed because the people became too hostile it was unsafe. (Although that says more about the city of Lynn though, guess there's truth in the "Lynn, Lynn city of sin." rhyme ) We have been home since noon.... and the POST OFFICE has CLOSED for tomorrow already. Seriously, I am thrilled, but I can't believe they actually called it. Stay safe! -J

  2. I could never understand the deal with French toast being official storm food either. In our house, it's canned ravioli and chocolate covered anything. And wine, but I don't share that with the kids.

  3. Allen@ Funny Baby VideosFebruary 11, 2013 at 8:13 PM

    French toast? I never heard that before. We always had asparagus and eggs.

  4. hahaha!!! Bread + Eggs + Milk = French Toast!!! Brilliant!!! Yes, that is surely what storm survivors are making with their staples.

    We usually head for the canned tuna, crackers, and bottled water. Because a storm for us is pretty much a sure bet that we'll lose power... so why bother buying anything that requires refrigeration?

  5. My kids often complain that I don't make French toast often enough. I'll remind them that's because we don't have snow storms here.

    Thank you for the insight!