January 25, 2011

Budding Superstars?

I think that it is every fathers dream that their son grows up to be a great athlete, I was one of those dads.  I still am to a degree but I see where my kids passions are and can only hope that they succeed in what ever they do.  I know that my oldest son is only six, but I can see that sports is just not his calling card.  He could be one of those really smart players that beats other kids with his brains, but judging by this link its going to take a great deal of practice. 
Tyler has a creative gift.  He was putting big lego sets together when he was three and was the first one in his class to be able to draw people.  To this day he still amazes me with his art, even though all of it seems to be Star Wars related.  Thats is just what Tyler does.  He is very into movies and has the most amazing imagination.  If I have to go to a movie premiere or an art exhibit of his, I will be the most proud father I could be.  Its not a baseball game, but whatever he likes is fine by me.
Carter on the other had has a little bit of his brothers creative side as you can see by this picture that he drew a couple of moths ago.  But I think that things like this frustrate him a little.  He is the more active child but really likes to do whatever his brother is doing. The challenge that I have is that I can see that Carter has a great deal of athletic ability, as you can see by this link with his swimming abilities a few moths ago, but since he likes to do what his big brother does how do you harness that talent? There are obviously classes that he can take and soccer for him will start in the spring but he has a hard time doing things without mommy or daddy right by his side and I don’t think they will let me play four year old soccer as fun as that would be.
I have signed Tyler up for a few sports classes at the YMCA and he plays soccer in the spring and fall.  Now I like him to like playing sports and obviously being active is important, but I also want to have Carter see him do these sort of things.  Tyler doesn’t know it yet but he just might be responsible for the greatest athlete of our time.  I don’t want to push it on my kids but I do want them to be good at sports.  Sometimes I get it in my head that they should be captain of the football team by now, but i guess things will come at their own pace.  Although it couldn’t happen soon enough.

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