January 29, 2011

I'm Mad as Hell!

I need to go off topic for a few minutes if you will all let me.  I might not be Howard Beale from Network, but ugh... I really can't take it anymore.  Being a Stay at home dad can be a pretty isolating thing and there are certain things that seemingly keep you in touch with the rest of the world.  Facebook, Twitter, the occasional surprise phone call can all be great but for me, my one saving grace has been Syracuse Basketball.  They were flying high at 18-0, ranked #3 in the country, all was right with the world.  Then came the Pittsburgh game and nothing has been the same since and now it seems I have nothing.  Yeah I have kids, a beautiful wife, a lot really, but as a guy, especially a stay at home dad I need that certain something... the escape.  I guess I could go to the Marleybone, that raunchy local dive bar that we really don't know what goes on there, we can only speculate on the ugly Go Go dancers there, my escape has been SYRACUSE BASKETBALL.  That escape is shitting the bed, flying high to a complete and utter mess.


This team right now lacks any sort of chemistry that makes it a team.  They absolutely suck and are driving me to drink... more than I usually do anyway.  There is no leader on this team, and they lack heart, something they had last year to the nines.  There is no passion and no sense of urgency where is this:
This team lacks any sort of confidence and actually hasn't had a lead in 4 games.  Since they won their last game they have no had a lead at all!  What the hell is that?!  We need to deport Fab Melo, tell Scoop that his is not Pearl Washington, and just take whatever is stuck in their asses out.  There is no reason that a team with this much talent should be suffering through what they are.  Let me correct that... as a fan we should not be suffering through this absolutely pathetic display of basketball.


The team has to realize that it has two guys that have any real talent; Rick Jackson and Kris Joseph.  The problem is that they can't do it all.  This team has been playing 4 on 5 all year with absolutely nothing out of the center position, and when you play 4 on 5 there are going to be the moments where you rely on your 1 on 1 game.  Unfortunately this is all too often with this team.  The second half of the Marquette game today it was obvious that SU stepped up their defense but you can't expect to come back fro 12 points down all the time.  Here is what needs to happen.  1). Step up on "D" and get out in transition 2). Get the ball to Rick Jackson 3). Brandon Triche has to become the star I know is inside of him. 4).  We need something out of the center position.  If we can get anything out of J.B. Reafsnyder and Craig Forth then Fab Melo and Baye Keita can give us something. 5).  Scoop has to stop being a bonehead and realize that there are guys on this team that are better than him. 6). Realize that you have talent and sometimes talent can overcome even a lack of team chemistry.

It is so frustrating watching this team especially after watching what they could have accomplished last year.  I could not have been more excited during their 18-0 start, but now I am totally lost.  Its the worst thing when you know you could be SO good yet your team right now is SO bad.

I could go on and on about this team and have left out a majority of what I could say but i really do have to keep it PG.  Unfortunately we have UConn this week and they always play us tough, especially in CT.  I don't know where the bleeding will stop.  Hopefully its sometime before I have a heart attack.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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