January 28, 2011

Where Has My Life Gone?

I have the worst memory.  My wife and I joke that I have no recollection of anything before the invention of the Digital camera, and its totally true.  There are things that happened only a couple of years ago that my wife will remind me of and I have to run down to my computer to see if I have a picture of it, otherwise it didn't happen.  You know the old saying "If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to see it, does it make a sound?"  Well for me its "If something happens and I didn't get a picture of it, did it really happen?"

It really is quite maddening sometimes.  I will be reminded of things that happened in high school, and totally draw a blank.  It's as if everything before my 25th birthday,  sans some things that stick out in college, never happened.  I think that if I kept a journal of my life, I would look at it now and swear I must be reading about someone else's life.  I can't even remember my parents names!  Its totally frustrating.  Things that are to happen in the future that my wife tells me about somehow go in one ear and out the other too.  She thinks that its selective listening, I just think that there is nothing up there to absorb what she has told me.  It's why we keep a calendar.  If it's not on the calendar, I can't be responsible for not knowing we had plans.

Now I take pictures of everything in hopes of remembering my life, and my kids lives for that matter.  I must have taken about 15,000 pictures in the six years since I have had kids, I really don't want to miss a thing.  Thank God for the digital camera and the Iphone.  I would probably forget everything that happened yesterday.  Remember when we used to go to the drug store and get our film processed, I actually remember that!  I still have some rolls laying around the house that haven't been developed.  Maybe thats where all these memories have gone, in the film canisters that I keep digging out of boxes in my storage room.  If only I had gotten them developed all those years ago, I wouldn't have this problem.  Stupid film... I'll be right back I have to go get my life developed.

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