January 25, 2011

A New and Improved Blog?

I have moved the location of the blog to blogger.  People told me that I have to take advantage of the world wide web to make money.  Well with my vast amount of followers I should be rolling in the dough somewhere around the turn of the next century.  This location is a much easier site to navigate and will allow me to post the blog more along the lines of the way I want to.


I have been waiting until my kids or I do something stupid that warrants a blog post, and a few things have come up in the past couple of days. So as soon as I can ditch Carter for a couple of minutes I will put the pen to paper, well not really a PEN but you get the idea.  Also an easier way to locate the blog is by visiting "Daddyincharge.com" and it will take you right there. I realize the new site is DADDY'S in charge as opposed to the old site DADDY in charge, well lets just say that title was already taken by someone who does not use it.  She is obviously squatting it in hopes that I give her all of my future fortunes I will most certainly make.  Its not a huge change and the idea is still there, but now I will be able to license tons of more merchandise.  If only I knew how.


John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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