January 25, 2011

Who Wears Short Shorts?

A curious new problem has arisen at my house, and I have no idea where it came from.  My youngest son Carter has decided that he wants to only wear shorts.  Now, I don’t live in Florida or Hawaii where that might be acceptable, this is New Jersey where in the past month we have gotten close to three feet of snow and todays high temperature was a whopping 27 degrees.  I have no idea where he got this crazy idea that we could wear shorts in the winter.  Sometimes when we comeback from vacation there is a little bit of transitioning that takes place and he forgets he is back home.  That I can understand but we have not been on vacation since early November.

Among the Quirks

Of course these sort of things aren’t new with this boy.  Before his obsession with shorts he would only wear sweatpants or those Old Navy fleece pants, which I might add are quite comfy.  Needless to say we have very nice clothes that we have been lucky enough to inherit over the years but they sit in his closet as the 7 pairs of fleece take turns keeping his legs warm.  Carter has not worn a pair of sneakers in God knows how long.  I have purchased a couple of pairs of them in the past year and the only thing to grace his feet are a pair of Buzz Lightyear Crocs that he has been wearing since the springtime.  I don’t know how there is anything left to these shoes.

Carter at Tyler at WeddingIt was so bad that at a recent wedding that he was asked to be the ring bearer in, he wore the tuxedo but insisted on wearing his Crocs.  For fear of ruining the entire wedding with a screaming three year old we obviously let him, and boy was it quite the fashion statement.  He didn’t end up walking down the aisle, of course that is a different story, but there he was with his blue sandals.  In retrospect we probably should have done a better job of getting rid of those shoes, but yet again we give in.  Then of course he has a problem with his socks everyday, none seem to fit him right, he thinks they have holes in them, or something is wrong with the color.  Something must be seriously wrong with this boys legs to put me through the stress of getting him dressed and out the door everyday.

Only one Solution
I don’t know what will happen when he outgrows these crocs.  Maybe his feet will always stay a size 8-9 who knows.  As for the present and Carters wanting to wear shorts and crocs all the time, the only solution that I can come up with besides chopping his legs off, is move to a warmer climate.  It certainly beats having to deal with the pain everyday of getting him dressed. My only concern then is he might not want to wear clothes at all.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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