April 18, 2011

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Hersheypark is one of those places that you know that you have been there but you can't remember when. It seems that way with a lot people I know, they can recall going there as a kid but for the life of them can't remember how long ago that was. I know we went because my mom still has a magnet on her fridge of the Super Duper Looper, you know the one that turns Hersheypark upside down.
From what I can remember a lot has changed in the past 25 plus years since I last went. They have certainly added a lot of new attractions but it still retains that small park feel despite the huge crowds. While some rides have come and gone, one ride I think we all remember is The Comet, the grand old wooden roller coaster. It's still there as beautiful as ever.
Tyler is at the point in his childhood that he is getting too big for the kiddie rides, although he will ride them for Carter's sake, but he is too small for the big kid rides. The Comet just so happens to be a ride that is perfect for him, and a ride that WE can go on together.
He can't quite go on all of the roller coasters just yet so I still have to sneak out and get on them when I can. I love amusement parks and I especially love the thrills rides. As I have gotten older though and had kids of my own, I have found I get more enjoyment from watching the kids go on their own rides like the swings.
We have certainly been guilty in the past of taking them places they won't remember. Places like the Colosseum and Chambord will only be things they see in pictures. We have the memories of Tyler dressed as a Gladiator in Rome and the boys with their swords and shields in France, things that WE will always remember. Thirty years from now they will take THEIR kids to Hersheypark and they might not recall WHEN they went. My only hope is they remember that they did.
Tyler drew what he remembered of the day

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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