April 7, 2011

Johnny on the Spot

This is not a training potty. Sure it has a little figure of Elmo on it, but it is one of the most foul things you will find. This is Carters very own personal cesspool. When Tyler learned to go to the bathroom it was as if the world was stopping. "I gotta go potty," he would yell, making a beeline for the crapper. Carter on the other hand is much more stealth about it, you don't know if he is going doody unless you hear the faint sounds of Elmo saying, "you're growing up, just like Elmo." Elmo unfortunately doesn't tell us all the time how big of a kid Carter is becoming. So what happens? A big pile of crap sits in this little Elmo cesspool until somebody smells it, and by then it smells like a gang of mexicans have been eating burritos in my bathroom.

The obvious thing is to remove this potty from my house, but where do you dispose of this hazardous waste site? I would need one of those porta-potty companies to come and do it. Why don't we get rid of it? Well it's the same reason why it took us forever to get rid of his binky, his bottles, and his crib. We don't want to upset the little guy. Carter has always been more emotional than most (my wife's genes) and doesn't take well to change (my doing). So you put these two together and you unleash a beast of a child, or so you would think. There was never much of a fit when we got rid of his binky, he didn't stop drinking when we introduced the straw, and he still sleeps even without his little crib, although he does run into my bed more often.

Like a lot of parents, I am sure, we don't want to upset our kids in anyway, but we do have to realize that things need to be done for there own good. I think we have a little more anxiety over what might happen as opposed to what actually does happen. Kids have an amazing ability to adapt, it's us as parents that can't cope with change. As much as we complain sometimes about how they need to act like a big kid we never really WANT them to grow up. While we love the milestones that these kids hit, it scares the hell out of us how quickly they hit them. From binky, to bottle, to driving a car, to going off to college, to getting married and having kids of their own, it all goes too fast. I think I'll keep the potty a little bit longer. Not so much for him, but for me. Just like Elmo, my little guy is growing up.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?


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