January 12, 2012

New Clothes... Starring Legos

I'm so 2011
You would think for the past year we never changed our clothes.  Well, every week you would see us wearing the same outfits, it was almost like a uniform. I started to feel like Jack Bauer sometimes in the TV show 24. Every week he wore the same thing.  Our clothes were seriously going out of style.  Tyler was getting strange looks from the kids at school and Carter was just getting bored of his outfit.  It definitely is as good a time as any time get a fresher more updated look.  Our old clothes were so 2011.  Now we are ready for the new year.

So what do you think?  We clean up nice huh?

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. I like it, except your wife is wearing some sort of Darth Vader top. Does she know this? Is it subliminal? Are you trying to send a message?

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  3. Cute? Maybe... but I don't get the point of this blog. Are you advertising Legos?


  4. At least theyre not pajamas. Some people wear pajama pants 24/7. But I guess a Walmart shopper lego doesn't exist yet.

    I don't get the point of TDD. Looking for readers I presume. I'm going to give you the Finger Award.

  5. LMBO @ "My wife is still shopping" with the little racks of clothes! Hahaha

    Since when did Lego people have such cool hair??

    Great post. I'd say the point of your blog is to bring a little bit of awesomeness and hilarity into the world. Great job!

    I'd vote for TDD for the Finger Award too.

    For Love of Cupcakes

  6. Spiffy! Well at least the hair is good, otherwise it might be longer.

    TDD really shouldn't even get the award, just the finger. Tribes are like gangs or Triads, he really shouldn't mess with us.

  7. Damn, I have got to get me some Lego duds and doodads.

  8. Well I wanted to reply to everyones comment individually... see how Blogger gives us that option? But apparently NOT ON OUR OWN BLOGS. So thank you all for commenting, I hope you all could find some point for being here.