January 4, 2012

Wednesday's Window... Hippo Poop

We love the Aquarium.  We love it so much we would actually venture into the second most dangerous city in the country.  Camden, New Jersey is home to some of the worst violence in the United Staes.  Driving through that city, you make sure that you lock your doors tight.  I remember one night after a concert on the waterfront, taking a wrong turn and the street I ended up on looked like it could have been plucked out of South Central or anywhere in East New York.  It was pretty terrifying, but I made it out alive.

Once you get yourself through the city and to the banks of the Delaware River though it's a different story.  The Adventure Aquarium is one of the nicest aquariums that we have been to.  It's a shame that it's tucked into such a crappy town.*  My boys love going there and were so excited for two reasons:  first, they have a giant alligator which is one of the largest in captivity, and second, the hippos.

Carter became fascinated with the hippos after his first visit.  When he learned that the hippos make poop in the water and that the fish then go and eat it, he thought it was the funniest thing, and he was hooked.  For some strange reason doody is something that amazes him.  On a trip to France he didn't care about the knights and the castles, all he was concerned about was where the king sat on the throne, if you get my drift.  So after a quick walk through the rest of the aquarium the boys came to their favorite destination, the hippo pool.  The water is filthy (fully of hippo poop) and it stinks.  But the boys love it!  I hope you enjoy this weeks Wednesday's Window.

They do have other amazing things there, like tanks full of sharks and sting rays.  Their collection of penguins is one of the finest I have ever seen.  My boys though just can't get enough of those hippos.  If we have to put up with a little poop to get them to learn about marine life, oh well.  Their could be worse things in life, like living in Camden.*

*This is not to slight the fine people of Camden, it's a nice place to visit (at least the aquarium) but I wouldn't want to live there

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  1. We love it there, too. Especially the shark tunnel. And I hear you on the doody obsession...going through it here, too with my 3 yr old.

  2. My daughter's joke from this morning:

    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Potty who?
    I took a big poop on the potty!

    Poop is pretty amazing stuff. My Grade 3 students love poop too. We learned that the poop that a Grizzly Bear takes after hibernation is as big as a man's arm.

  3. Now that sounds like a blog post if I ever heard one. And we should all start up a website called #Poop it seems like all the kids LOVE poop.

  4. Poop - the gift that keeps on giving.

  5. Kids do love poop. I read somewhere that if you wanted to write a kids book there are certain key words that they laugh at auto: poop, underwear, fart, etc etc

  6. My wife loves hippos, so I'll have to send her over here to watch the video, she'll love it.

    We were once at the zoo in Calgary, at their new hippo exhibit and they have signs warning of "poop spray." And as we found out, when hippos poop while out of the water, they rapidly flick their tail back and forth spraying poop EVERYWHERE. LOL It was a sight, but I'd pass on the smell.

    Happy #CommentDay!

  7. Who doesn't love hippos AND poop? Two great tastes that taste great together, or something like that.

  8. You really do learn something new everyday! Very interesting!

  9. We took the Little Dude to the zoo in my hometown while back east for Thanksgiving. The two things he is still talking about 6 weeks later are the Komodo Dragon that was sleeping and the giant turtle that was "making big poopies". Good times.

  10. We went to the zoo awhile back and I kid you not, just about every animal defecated for our viewing pleasure.

    There is nothing funnier than a giraffe bowed up in a pasture taking a dump. Poor guy.

  11. The last time I was in Camden was to cover the arrest of theFort Dix 6 terror cell. I was surrounded by state and federal law enforcement all day. I was stil scared for my life and it had nothing to do with the terrorists.