January 8, 2012


You may have noticed a little badge on the right side of this webpage.  #DadFit is is a new blog that I am involved in where our main purpose is to keep dads in shape.  I should say that it doesn't have to keep just dads in shape, anyone can join us as long as you are willing to make the commitment to your overall health.  This is not supposed to be just a fad diet or a fly by night sort of experiment, it's about a lifestyle change, a change a bunch of us dads feel is necessary to improve our lives.

All of us have gained a little weight over the years, including myself who has put on about 40 pounds in the past ten years alone.  I realize that I am not alone in this as it seems that every man my age has put on some weight.  I look at my friends and most of them are carrying around that extra spare tire that with a little work and change in habit can easily be taken off.  

We are in this together.  

I realized that it's easy to take the weight off, it's a matter of what to do when you reach your goals.  In the past I have been able to lose 20 pounds without much of a problem, but like anyone that that goes on a diet, I put it right back on.  I wasn't willing to make the commitment to change my lifestyle, something I know is necessary this time around.

I've got two kids and I don't want to be the dad that's stuck on the sideline with bad knees and ankles as my kids are running around.  I can already see my body failing on me as my feet have started to really bother me in the past couple of months.  It hasn't been officially diagnosed, but I know that I have developed Plantar Fasciitis, and it sucks.  I know that this is mainly caused by lack of physical activity, and the weight that I am carrying around.  So something has to change.

Any good change in lifestyle needs a good support system and that's where #Dadfit comes in.  The way we figure, the more people involved the better.  The more accountable we are, the more likely we are to stick with the changes we wish to make.  

Anyone can be a part of it.

All you have to do is follow the #DadFit hashtag on Twitter or Find us of Facebook.  You can also check out the blog at Dadfit.blogspot.com.  We are only trying make our lives better and with everyones help, I think we can do that.  Feel free to offer us advice or encouragement.  We could certainly use your support.  

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. Love the idea and foll the DadFit blog via GFC! Is this a 'Dad venture only' ? Just asking since you said anyone can join etc. Does that include moms as in using the hash tag and such?

  2. It's #DadFit in name because it was started by a bunch of us dads, be we would absolutely love EVERYONE to be a part of it. Anyone who wants to be pushed by positive encouragement is more than welcome to be a part. We could all use the support.

  3. Ahh this is a great idea, I wish my dad would geta blog so he could join... infact can I join even though I'm a 23 year old female with no children... I need some inspiration! xx

  4. You don't need a blog to join. You just have to want to make a change and want to stick with that change. ANYONE CAN JOIN US. WE NEED EVERYONES HELP.

  5. John, this is a great idea! How about co-hosting #DadChat with me one week and let's make #DadFit the topic - very important.

  6. Absolutely Bruce... I wold like as many people as possible to know about this. Men and women.

  7. I'm so proud of you!!! You can do it! And I will do it with you so you have a partner in crime and support at home. Just tell your (angelic) Mom that while we love her visits, she is not allowed to bring with her 100+ home baked cookies and 5 amazing rum cakes ;)

  8. This goes wonderfully with my Operation Get Fit! You can do it!