June 30, 2011

Greetings From Camp Hiawatha


I am sure you can picture those words being screamed as loud as humanly possible. Now picture them echoing off the walls of my house through the mouth of a certain four year old.  Yeah the screams could be heard for miles.

I knew it was too easy dropping Carter off on his first day of summer camp. Everything went too smoothly.  He barely said a word as I handed him off to his camp counselor.  My biggest worry was getting his shoes on, and he never said boo.  Huh?  This certainly could not be my child.  He was a little bit cranky after camp, but that is to be understood.  He was gone from 9:00 in the morning until I picked him up at 3:30 in the afternoon, but again, camp was great he told me.  Of course everything is great though... at first.


How quickly things can change.  There was no camp Tuesday as I have only put my kids in a three day program at the YMCA Camp.  I mean I am a stay at home parent right, and I should be with my kids a little bit.  Three days is enough time for me to play golf, go to the beach, and head to Atlantic City, I mean do the laundry, clean the house, and mow the lawn.  I knew it was coming, it was only a matter of time.


Yeah I heard you the first time.

I get it, I am such a fun person to be around that he would rather hang out with me getting a massage, I mean power washing the house, than going to camp.  What could possibly be wrong with a place that forces you to go swimming twice a day, makes you go fishing, and straps you in a boat against your will.  They probably serve him ice cream in the afternoon too!  Oh the humanity!

What I wouldn't give to spend my summers in a canoe

I know that this is going to be a battle all summer long.  It was the same way with school this year.  Not a day went by that he didn't mention something about not wanting to go to school.  I made the mistake of actually listening to him then and I won't do the same thing this summer.  I have fish to catch and ball games to watch, I mean weeds to pull and floors to vacuum.


Camp Sam Wood
Seriously?  When I was a kid I loved camp, I am sure my mom would probably say otherwise as I don't really know if I gave her a hard time or not.  Who wouldn't love camp?  I remember Camp Sam Wood where every year we would all fight for something called the Sam Wood Pickle.  It was a watermelon.  I can totally recall doing archery, rifling, swimming, you name it.  If there was a merit badge for it, the Boy Scout that I was, I was doing it.  AND I LOVED IT!!!  You could have sent me to camp for the entire summer, in fact I would probably still be there if I didn't get married and have kids.

OK so Carter is only four and he won't be handling any guns (THANK GOD) at camp and there won't be any Johnny Appleseed competitions, which I won by the way, but he LOVES to go swimming and this place has an awesome pool.  Did I mention that the boy is a little fish!

So Wednesday was the second day of camp for my boys and you know what, there was no argument.  Carter had no issue with going to camp.    Of course the minute he woke up his first words were that he didn't want to go to camp.  But when it actually came time to go, he didn't say a word.  I don't get this kid sometimes, he is so Jeckyll and Hyde to the extreme.  What is going to happen on day three?  I don't know but I can hear it already.


Enough!  I have a 10:00 AM tee time, I mean I have to go get the car fixed.

Keep it up and you are headed to Military Camp

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  1. Hilarious. You are totally golfing, beaching and gambling!!

  2. I am sorry John is not home right now, if this is his wife press one now. Beep... Hi baby I must not be able to hear you with sounds of this vacuum running all day.

    If this is anyone else press two now. Beep... yo what's up come meet me in AC, the beers are cold and the beach is HOT!

  3. Super funny in that "Glad it's not me this time" kind of way! And you can't fool us, BTW--I follow your tweets and last time I checked you can't mow the lawn and tweet at the same time...I'm just sayin'

    I loved this post. My son and yours clearly went to the same Jeckyll & Hyde behavioral school. But from what I read in your blog posts, I'd guess your son truly would rather hang out with dad than float in a canoe all day. Something tells me "Dad Camp" at your place is a lot of fun!

    Cheers! (and, yes, I voted!)

  4. If your definition of fun is me yelling at him to stop whining then I am a regular McDonald's Play Place. There is a special Twitter App for the Iphone that lets you mow the lawn and Tweet at the same time. Its called Ishouldgetsomeonetomowmylawn 4me