December 30, 2012

2012, The Year of Me

When I first got into blogging I had no intentions of becoming a writer.  A famous stay at home dad with his own TV show maybe, but a writer was definitely NOT in the cards.

Then came 2012.

Up until this past year I was just a silly dad with a sometimes silly blog.  I shared stories that people could relate to.  Sometimes they had a message, sometimes they said nothing.  But then something happened in the past year that changed all that.  Specifically a post titled "My Boys Will be Boob Men."  That post was by far my most read post in the past year and it was the one that put me in the Huffington Post.

What will become of this guy?
I've written a few more entries for them, but find that it's tough to get things past their editors all of the time.  Some posts are just sitting in limbo and I am not sure if they will ever get published.  Oh well.  Then along came an opportunity to write for a newish website called Parent Society.  To say I was honored was an understatement.  Me, now offering advice and ideas to a whole new audience?  It's crazy to even think about.  They do know I sit around and play with Legos all day right?

But the opportunity that I am most thrilled about is the new venture I am in called Dads Round Table.  We started it up in October and since then it has been growing quite nicely.  To be included in this group of dads is awesome.  I have some new ideas up my sleeve for the site, which I am looking forward to, but I have been slow to actually put things together.

But now I am stuck.

I have been in a rut for two months now, with nothing to write about.  All these new exciting opportunities, and here I am with nothing floating around in my brain.  Every time I sit down to write something, I realize that I already wrote the exact same thing last year or the year before.  Life is a lot like my old profession in TV News. It changes from day to day, but it's the same from year to year.

So now I am a writer with nothing to write about.

I'm having a hard time focusing on which project should come first.  Huffington Post brings me the most eyeballs, Parent Society pays me (although not very much), Dads Round Table has a great potential, and then there is my own blog. What will become of this little space on the internet?  I don't want to completely shut this down, but this is not something that is ever going grow into what the others are or possibly could be.

So I am now at a crossroads in my blogging life.  2012 opened a lot of doors for me; it's just a matter of which ones I walk through in 2013.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. I wish that was easy to answer. As someone who needs to think about a future beyond being a stay at home parent I need to think big picture. I live it here I really do, so if this does indeed slow down others will certainly pick up. We'll see.

  2. I know what I'd like to see but you have to do what is right for you and whatever that is, I'll support you.

  3. I will definitely focus more on DadsRT. I almost wish it started two years ago when I seemingly had more to say.

  4. MORE LEGO VIDEOS! Seriously, John, don't leave us, you are one of my heroes. I have admired your blog since I got started and have always found it inspiring and upbeat. Hang in there, dude.

  5. My view is that Life is cyclical and it's ok to write about the same thing twice. The second writing will always be better because you've grown so much as a writer and you've been a dad for longer and can use that experience in the rewrite. Going through some old magazines I noticed that topics recycle every year.

  6. zowie! I know you have a crap load of decisions & whatnot sitting on your table, but dude, I gotta say... Congratulations! sounds like you have the whole world ahead of you. Kind of like a teenager instead of an adult, lolz! So that must feel good!!! :) Happy 2013 unto you, friend! :)

  7. That's the tough part. I have turned down so many writing opportunities just because I didn't have time and I decided to stick with my little old blog. Do what makes you happy. I read so many blogs by guys who lost their own blog identity and regretted it later.