December 10, 2012

We've Got Time

Carter has been asking a lot lately how old people are.

He's getting really good at knowing everyone's age. Grandpa is 76, grandma is 68, and I am 38. What he has started to do is age everyone, for example:

Carter: "How old will grandpa be when I'm 43?"
Me: "Well if he's still alive, he'll be 114."
Carter: "What about grandma?"
Me: "She would be 106."
Carter: "And how old will you be?"
Me: "I'll be 76."

I don't think that he even understands what it means to be 114 years old. Everyone as old as I am is old, although clearly at 38, I am not an old man. At least I don't feel old yet.

This whole line of conversation has gotten me thinking though that before you know it, I will be that 76 year old man with a 43 year old son. I only know the first 38 years, and if the next 38 are anything like the last few since I had kids, 76 is right around the corner.

It's hard not to think that. I always struggle with this whole aging.

He's also gotten into asking about what grade everyone is in in school. Right now he is in Kindergarten, while his brother is in third grade. He also has a few older cousins that are in the same school district as him and always wants to know what grade they will be in:

Carter: "When I'm in third grade, Tyler will be in sixth. What about (older cousin) Brian?"
Me: "Well, he'll be a junior in high school."
Carter: "And when I'm in sixth Tyler will be in ninth?"
Me: "That's right. When Tyler is a senior in high school you'll be a freshman and when he is a senior in college, you'll be a freshman in college. Oh no then I'll be an old man."
Carter: "Whoa daddy... Slow down, we've got time before that happens."

I guess he's right. I do have time. No sense aging myself just yet.

John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. It's neat with the older kids and younger kids doing this on their own. You get some really funny stuff because their math skills and awareness aren't always the best.

  2. My 8yo is having a very difficult time understanding how my 19yo is done with school. She still asks, "But what GRADE is he in?" We tell her that Bubby is in his first year of "grown up school". Then she asks what grade Mommy is in... & I cry so my hubz brings me wine & distracts her with her new Skylanders game on the Wii. I love that man.

  3. He's always asking how much numbers are when they are added together. Two plus four does not equal 24 no matter what he wants to tell me.

  4. That has to be weird. The 8 year old knows no other life other than they older one being in school.