December 12, 2012

Wednesday's Window

I am going to let you in on a little secret... I kind of have a fascination with Legos.  I know that was a pretty shocking revelation but I just had to get that off my chest. Fortunately for me, my boys do too.  So where is the one place that you have to go? Legoland of course.  We have been fortunate to have gone to the one out in California a few times and we absolutely love it.  But we don't have much reason to get out to San Diego much anymore, so lucky for us they built one in Florida.  Since we go to Disney more than most people go to the bathroom it's great to have one so close to Orlando.  It is about a 45 minute drive from Disney and it is well worth the trip.  There aren't a ton of rides and it's not really geared toward the older crowd, but if your kids are like mine, they will love it... especially Miniland.  I hope you enjoy this weeks Wednesday's Window.

We are heading in!
The Capitol
The Mall on Washington
Iwo Jima
One of the eight million mini golf courses in Florida
Florida State Capital
New York Hotel in Las Vegas
Capital Hill, Washington
The White House with the Obamas standing by.
Washington, DC
Tampa, Fl
San Francisco
I believe this is St. Augustine
A smarter man than I built this

The place is amazing.  I tried to sneak out the Space Shuttle, but they wouldn't let me.  

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John Willey - Daddy's in Charge?



  1. I used to love playing with Legos with my daughter. Never much of an artist, but had so much fun creating things. Thanks for these awesome pictures! Donna