March 2, 2011

MURDER (Parent Teacher Conference)

"He doesn't talk about murdering people? Does he?"

My wife actually posed that question to Carter's preschool teacher at his most recent parent teacher conference. And the answer we got was quite surprising. No. Everyone knows how these meetings work, the teacher lists off a bunch of things that the child does at school like cleaning, listening, and reciting the Declaration of Independence from memory. All things he would never do at home, although he is a big Abe Lincoln fan. Certainly she must be talking about the wrong student as I looked through her pile of papers for Carters actual performance review. This is not the same child I know. The next time he picks up something off the floor will be the first and if he does listen it's only to Anakin Skywalker whom he pledged his allegiance to long ago.

How could this be? I certainly must not be alone in this. Millions of parents are sending their kids off to school and the teachers don't know who these kids really are. Or do we as parents have no idea who OUR kids are. We had the same thing happen with Tyler, he really never listened at home and we were all worried that we would get a bad report from his teacher. Well, she actually thanked us for letting her teach him.

Maybe my wife got a little carried away in her line of questioning during the conference, but who could blame her. When we left, Carter said he was going to punch her in the face and rip her head off. I guess he has a weird way of showing his love. As for the review itself, it was one of those proud parent moments. His teacher says that he can pick out letters from the alphabet, although they apparently taught him that the letter "k" is the number "7", and he knows all his shapes and colors. Everything they would expect from someone his age. He is a little advanced though in Star Wars and Ninja training.

Carter can be the nicest sweetest little boy but can also show a very rough side not unlike a lot of kids. As parents we feel like we are failing sometimes but we are apparently doing something right. At least we have taught him to respect others. While it would be nice to see the same kid at home that the teachers see at school, it's nice to know what things the little guy is capable of doing. And while I don't think he would ever harm a fly, it's GREAT to know that murder is not one of them.

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