March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Carter!

I really can't believe that my little guy is turning 4 today.  I know that time races by when you have kids but my God wasn't it just yesterday that that he came into this world?  With my oldest it does feel like he has been around almost 7 years, sometimes actually it feels like he has been around longer.  How can Carter actually be 4, he is still wearing 12-18 month clothes and he looks like he could pass for a two year old.  You always get this idea that your kid is not growing until someone makes a comment about how big he is getting, well with Carter I swear he has been the same size for the past three years.  He might not be growing in size but he really is starting to mature.  It wasn't too long ago that you could count on a Carter screaming fit of over 10 minutes at least once a day.  But those days are getting fewer and farther between thank God, but so are the little Carterisms.  You know those cute little words your kids say that you can never catch on camera but you will always remember.  Carter's were things like "Bingsay" and "Mony, pony, bony, sony,"  words that never made sense to anyone but him. He doesn't say things like that anymore and that's how I can tell he is getting to be a big kid.  Sure he still struggles with the nuances of the english language, but he is starting to get all the tenses down and slowly is learning his letters.  Part of me just wants him to stop right here and leave his learning where it is.  I like hearing him butcher our language but unfortunately I don't think society would accept him if he was 20 years old still saying "Bingsay" all the time.  I am sure it would be a huge hit with the ladies though!  

Carter is a little kid but its almost like he never had that baby time.  I am sure it's this way with a lot of second children, where they get immersed into the world of their older sibling.  There was no Barney or Sesame Street like Tyler had.  There was no progression from baby stuff to toddler stuff to big boy things.  It's as if he came out of the womb and went straight to Star Wars, it's what Tyler has liked since Carter was born.  Maybe thats part of the problem, I haven't seen him grow from a toy standpoint in almost three years!  Any parent of a child who likes Star Wars will tell you that this "phase" could last a long time.  I guess I should start realizing that on Carter's tenth birthday he will probably look exactly the same as he does now and be playing with all the same toys.

There will always be those moments that I will look at him and picture him in his 2T, yes he still wears that size, fleece pants, and his crocs and think about what an awesome kid he is.  This morning he asked me, if now that he was four did that mean he was getting bigger.  I told him, yes he was getting bigger, but he will never get too big.  My little guy will always be my little guy.

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  1. My daughter is 5 going on 6 and only 35 lbs. In her class she is one of the smallest for her age. My oldest was smaller too but now at 12 towers over me so they do catch up! It's amazing how time flies and with the second one you don't even freak out as much as with the first:)