March 9, 2011

The Women of Disney... 20 -11

Over the years Disney movies have produced some of the best looking animated characters on the silver screen. These are the women in my life, outside of my wife whom I don't see nearly as often. I thought it would be a good idea to rank these fine women and since there are so many over the years, 50 animated features and counting, we should have a list of 20. Now I have included Pixar movies and did not include Jessica Rabbit out of fairness to the rest of these fine babes. I mean seriously she has a great "personality." To be fair, I have not seen all of these women in action, so I can only go by stories that I have heard and pictures. Let's face it I am not going to sit down and watch ALL of the princess movies with my two boys. Without further ado, I bring you my TOP 20, at least 20 thru 11 anyway.

20. Princess Aurora(aka Sleeping Beauty)

I have never been impressed with this Disney Princess.  Up until a few weeks ago I didn't even know she had a name. Maybe she was a hot box of rocks back in the 50's or whenever this movie came out, but she needs an update. If I were her Prince Charming I would have left her asleep.

19. Princess Tiana

I don't see why Disney keeps shoving this princess down our throats. I mean on the last Disney Cruise I was on she was everywhere, and Rapunzel who I will get to, was no where to be found. I never saw the movie but I have to think that it was not in the same league as Tangled, and for that reason alone she is down this far on the list.

18. Minnie Mouse
How could a mouse be better looking than a princess? Maybe it's the polka dots.

17. Wendy
She's cute but I keep thinking that she is going to grow up, eventually, and be an old British hag.

16. Snow White
She is cute, yes, but after hanging out with a bunch of Dwarves for all that time I am sure that she has got to smell just a little bit.  And all the la-la-la stuff, yikes, so when it comes to being the fairest in the land, yeah not so much. Not as much anyway as #15

15. The Evil Queen
She was better looking than Snow White in an evil sexy kind of way. Lets face it, a guy is going to want to be with a someone dark and dangerous much more than they are going to want to be with Miss goody two shoes. Anyone that could kill you with a magic apple has to have a little something going for her.

14. Cinderella
I mean she looks great all dressed up at the ball, but I am afraid that has a lot to do with special effects.  I probably should have ranked her a little worse on this list but any woman that can clean a fireplace is alright with me.

13. Bo Peep
There is kind of a sweetness to her, or at least there should be, but if you ever saw Toy Story there is kind of a subtle sexiness to her.  She also has that big hook to keep you in line.  I mean she really gets Woody aroused... get your head out of the gutter, Sheriff Woody!

12. Mirage
It's too bad that jerk Syndrome was in her life. He really brought her down. That doesn't stop the fact she is hot, in a Pixar kind if way.

11. EVE
I know what you are thinking, she is a robot, but let me be straight about this, she is completely out of this world. She seems totally like someone that you could have a ton of fun with flying through space and all. I would totally let her evaluate my vegetation any day.

Tomorrow I will get to the TOP 10 in this grand list.  I know that it is hard to beat these 10 gorgeous women, there are certainly some favorites on THIS list, but trust me the best is yet to come!

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  1. Waiting for the top 10! Is so fun to read you!