March 10, 2011

The Women of Disney 10 - 1

So yesterday we started our list of Top 20 Disney babes.  There were too many to include in one post so I had to split it up.  While yesterdays women were hot, I think we will all agree that the TOP 10 are some of the finest women on the silver screen, animated or otherwise.

10. Rapunzel
I fear she might be a little young but hey she has that hair.  I know that men are suckers for hair, and that is a 'do that you could really get lost in.

9. Tinkerbell
I think that we all have this fantasy about a pixie and there is no better one than Tinkerbell.  She looks like a gymnast and she can fly which is an absolute bonus.  I would never kick her out of bed for spilling her pixie.

            8. Ariele
Again she is quite young I know, but aren't all these characters young?  Look at the audience of these movies.  I guess it's probably the clam shells, or the flowing red hair, or the fact she wants to be with us... up where we walk, up where we run.  You get the idea.

7. Pocahontas
I am a sucker for a lady that knows how to paddle a canoe, and the name alone!

6. Meg
I guess the only thing that would make us jealous of Hades, to have a life servant like this.  If I was Hercules, which I am obviously not, she would be my weakness as well.

5. Jasmine
Oh Princess Jasmine there is something about your enhanced eyes that makes me weak in the knees.  I know if I was Aladdin I would be rubbing the "lamp" all night to make the Genie appear.

4. Jane
I hadn't been introduced to Jane until very recently. At first I didn't like her, she seemed way to snobby all dressed up. But as the movie wore on she got a little more wild. If only they would have showed her more in her loin cloth.  Its enough to make any man go ape!

3. Esmeralda
I think it's the dark green eyes and the flowing black hair that make her stand out. Now only if she would perform some sort of witchcraft she might be higher on the list.  She has got to stop hanging out with that Hunchback though.

2. Belle
She is all class. There is something to be said about a girl that would choose someone like the Beast to be with. It gives hope to all men out there. Besides the name says it all, "BEAUTY and the Beast"

1. Sally
Let's face it, she's a Porsche with tattoos, who happens to be a lawyer. She's from Los Angeles.  She also owns a motel that I am sure you can get by the hour. You just have to get under her hood first.

So there you have it!  My TOP 20 animated Disney Babes.  I know some will cause controversy, you might think I have Belle too high, its just personal preference.  Everyone has an opinion that they are entitled to.  So who is in your TOP 10.

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